Why are you Gay - Funniest African interview ever! Link to full interview belowMuerte de ramon gay

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Why are you Gay - Funniest African interview ever! Link to full interview below

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Текстовые комментарии (13499)
Ivanka Trump (13 минут назад)
1950: there will be flying cars in 2019 2019: are flying cars gay ?
DEAD POOL (16 минут назад)
*100% to the point*
Just A Man (54 минуты назад)
I thought it was going to be Jesse Lee Peterson...LOL
King Alpha (1 минуту назад)
@Just A Man It is Jesse Lee Peterson. The black version.😂
Man from the Orient (1 час назад)
„We bringing in the studio this morning one of the *Gayrights* activists“ You are a *Girlrights* activist“ 🤔🤪😂😂😂😂
Celo Bernard (1 час назад)
If this interview took place in the U.S this guy would of lost his job and get drag on social media but it’s Africa they don’t give 2 fucks
Man from the Orient (1 час назад)
„Why are you gay? You are gay, you are transgenda and you are a girlrights activist and an outspoken name, aahm aahm Lesbian? homosexual? How can I describe you“ 😂😂😂 This guy is a living legend 😂
El (1 час назад)
“So who is gay? Cause I was told someone in this interview is gay and I’m starting to worry that it may be me.”
Matthew Foley (1 час назад)
The ignorance is palpable
Yohan me (2 часа назад)
That is a real journalist no fucking PC.
Josh Maskey (2 часа назад)
"So, why are you running?"
Jose Herrera (2 часа назад)
I don't really care who's gay & I was raised in San Francisco !!
ROSE6450 (2 часа назад)
A D (2 часа назад)
The question we all ask OP.
Reg Jones (2 часа назад)
This proves that many African societies are still backwards on human rights!
SAYMON the LIGAND (2 часа назад)
Hahahaha its 2:00 night I watch these 😏 don’t let your brain go far lol 😑
Jose ma-boy (2 часа назад)
The interviewer tells it like it is!!!!!!
Merzougui Houari Walid (2 часа назад)
Why are you running ? You're gay ?
Nsovo Sean Maserumule (2 часа назад)
He’s asking genuine questions...I mean????
RadSports. collatedTV x (3 часа назад)
Haha I’m not gay!?? So fucking confused
Carion Deville (3 часа назад)
I don't get why the guest is dumb founded. It came on to answer questions. No u are not male. Female on female makes u gay and mentally confused.....
Alex Villarreal (3 часа назад)
Let the man take a seat first!!! Sheeeshh
Steve Jobbs (3 часа назад)
He eat the poo poo !!!
Triple X (3 часа назад)
This is some real journalism. CNN should take notes.
SEXY GAME GIRL (3 часа назад)
M R (3 часа назад)
So many blacks in the US think it’s cool to talk like.....nah niggaaa dis bitch ass ho be triflin. Ma dude ya feel me, ya heard, is you gay or not son?
Seb Watts (4 часа назад)
This is the first man to reach -1 IQ
Malone Mantooth (4 часа назад)
Honestly..........people that choose that lifestyle just ask for it. I could care less, but it's funny.
Shane Jones (5 часов назад)
Who says I'm gay.... you are gay So who is gay.... honestly I'm dead hahahahaha
Lorenzo Baku (5 часов назад)
What in the hell...
E A (5 часов назад)
Why are you gay
Tina Louise (5 часов назад)
my favorite part, was when he was asking why people should be gay. like did he think the trans guy was there to recruit people to become gay???
MarshallPo (6 часов назад)
Well I mean it's genuinely confusing. He/She is a biological female who likes women, so is technically gay, but then she says she's a trans-man which in that case is not gay. Who is gay? What is gay? Why are you gay? lmao
Transgender doesn’t mean gay Cisgender doesn’t mean straight Gender and sexuality is different
The Ullage of Self-Fulfillment (6 часов назад)
You have a hidden Transgenda
Edward Ogonda (7 часов назад)
I feel sorry for his kids coming home n having to explain why they scored 99% and not 100% in Mathematics..."Are you stupid?" "You missed a mark so who's stupid?"
Gaymar Omar (7 часов назад)
Omar Nieto (7 часов назад)
that's a chick and not amount of delusion is gonna change that.
D. Rüesch (7 часов назад)
Hell yes Africa!
Dat_Sneckie_Boi (7 часов назад)
196k Likes to the 2.2k dislikes: "Why are you gay?"
Cherador de calcinha (7 часов назад)
Pepino ! pepino denovo!
exbronco1980 (7 часов назад)
the "gay" person, the one wearing the white suit, is not male.
Sean Hartnett (7 часов назад)
In a lot of East African countries being homosexual is punishable by a $100 thousand fine and 5 years in prison.
Sean Hartnett (7 часов назад)
Lol so funny. Watch lots of times.
Sean Hartnett (7 часов назад)
This is hilarious. Apparently it is a real news broadcast.
Where the heck is my Kummerspeck? (7 часов назад)
„You over there, what is the purpose of that flamboyant scarf?“
Bruno McDowell (8 часов назад)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead!
M D (8 часов назад)
It is your duty to find full length video or else..you gehh
Yahya Al Hajj (8 часов назад)
Wa aaar yu gae? Yu aar gae 🤣
MGTOW Mafia Mafioso (8 часов назад)
Lol she iz gay as fuck she also masterbates most of the time
Red Riot (8 часов назад)
It’s like two confused AI having a conversation.
leif viking (8 часов назад)
Harry Truman (8 часов назад)
You are gey
Chris Austria (8 часов назад)
Why are you gay? So....who's gay?
Lee St.Louis (9 часов назад)
That ending had me 💀💀💀!
bigjay215 (9 часов назад)
I don't judge. I don't give two shits what one does with their life, but if you look like a man or woman I'm going to address you as such. I don't give a fuck what you want to be or think you should be. My eyes see either a male or a female.
Portgas D. Ace (9 часов назад)
Black Panther would say GET THIS MAN A GAY.
Lisa Barnes (9 часов назад)
NSERENG NEWS (9 часов назад)
Should I call you mista? 🤣🤣🤣
MikkoB89 (9 часов назад)
Do you know de way to be gay?
Martin Heath (9 часов назад)
Lesbian couples in long term relationships have the least "action" and the interest dries up soonest of all the available couplings. Fact.
Kevin B (9 часов назад)
Some hard hitting reporting! He’s not afraid to ask the tough questions!! 😂
OrdinarMan BigLove dhlamb (9 часов назад)
Omg,, This video could kill but the comments here could murder...chopping someone to pieces nonstop laughing 😂😆😁😆
AuBrAlBi (9 часов назад)
The real question is why am i gay?
Piate cez Deviate (9 часов назад)
"So what are you doing to this lady?"
CLNT- (10 часов назад)
dum reporter, fire his ass
Rubén Pérez Reguera (10 часов назад)
The interviewer is black and funny so no one labels him homophobic. Imagine if he was a white man... He'd be burnt at the stake and hanged on the street.
Mandla Mchunu (10 часов назад)
Straight to the point, "Why are you guy? "
Geo Gil (10 часов назад)
Only the faggot at the end is more homo than Pepe whatever her name is.
Prasanth Selvadurai (10 часов назад)
MISTA 「Sex Bullets」
Riazul Islam (11 часов назад)
Y r u gaaay
Adian pllmm (11 часов назад)
"Hello welcome to my house.Quick question, why are you gay?" Dr Zakir Naik-"Good question brother."
Doagae Porbeni (11 часов назад)
Funniest shit ever!!!
m e (11 часов назад)
This is hilarious I'm confused too mate the worlds gone mad our creator must be very disappointed
Abdelhalim Istikla (11 часов назад)
Christina Aguilera and others is jailed for 10 years.
TheCosmicUndead (11 часов назад)
Alan Turing: I just cracked the German Enigma Code! The British Government: 0:11
Remy Sahak (11 часов назад)
What a Great interviews
SpitReal TV (11 часов назад)
0:05 should I call u meestah??🤣🤣🤣
Sémy Giroud (11 часов назад)
Fuck the transgenre and all theses kind of shits
defaulter mehkma (12 часов назад)
How can I describe u??🤣🤣
booger face (12 часов назад)
This is great Had to watch it a second time Can't stop laughing
Eric Schimmer (12 часов назад)
Describe as abdomination. Thats enough
Variz (12 часов назад)
buyerofsorts (12 часов назад)
He's just trying to figure all this shit out like the rest of us. Actually most of us stopped caring a long time ago...
Demitri Fearron (12 часов назад)
mr Brown (13 часов назад)
I have a question... Do you eat the poo-poo like ice-cream?
badlongon (13 часов назад)
Listen up LGBTQACDEFHIJKMNOPRSUVWXYZ123456789@#$%^&¥₩!!! Hahahahaha
Samtho (13 часов назад)
The question is not why are you gay. It’s who is gay.
Natezul (13 часов назад)
0:35 interviewer: "why should someone be gay?" pepe: *pulls his finger up* uh
Danilo Pochini (14 часов назад)
I am as puzzled as that interviewer
Paradox Arcfatale (14 часов назад)
Every laugh I lost some chromosomes
I speak the truth (14 часов назад)
Good morning, why are you Gay?
Dr Gonzo (15 часов назад)
This vid get's me every time 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Farhan Khan (15 часов назад)
We bring in the studio this morning, one of the gay rights activists....... MiStAAAAAA
Ken-1999 (16 часов назад)
*when the balls touches on the traps balls* 0:16
I believe (16 часов назад)
what the hell is going on here
Kay Benyarko (13 часов назад)
That's the question of the century
Ridan (16 часов назад)
Pepe is gay 🤢🤮
Fares Moh (17 часов назад)
كاش جزائرين هنا ول عرب ول راني ندور وحدي هنا
Barge Arse (18 часов назад)
African Republican.
Darkaricardo (18 часов назад)
When i hit my sibling and he starts to cry real loud Me: 0:12
Willfuldevil (18 часов назад)
That was the gayest interview I've ever seen. 😁

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