The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Documentary)Muerte de ramon gay

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The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Documentary)

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Текстовые комментарии (52907)
AceAlbatros (3 часа назад)
Why my dude Butt Naked dance like the Special Ed kid when he finds the glue cabinet.
TurboTV (4 часа назад)
It’s like the hypothesis of a Fallout game
Sophiro 94 (5 часов назад)
I didnt though i could find something worse than ISIS killing rooms on this yt channel. I was wrong.
Shannon Chang (6 часов назад)
Absolutely heartbreaking to see the conditions Liberians live in. Curious how the area has changed with China's One Belt, One Road policy and the infrastructure and economy development it has introduced to Africa. Has VICE done an updated piece since then?
Morty Black (6 часов назад)
Omg this is hell. Respect to the guys that made this film
Edward Anthony (11 часов назад)
What the fuck is going on? The church women are drawn to his atory and the men follow. He is dressed clean and fresh and commands attention with his words. Its a fucked up world.
Kalaheo Aikala (12 часов назад)
Everybody gangsta til Butt Naked show up
muthu kumar Kanakachalam (12 часов назад)
NICE by VICE of Pentecosts Evangelism !!
pratik mohite (12 часов назад)
I think Americans should bring democracy here
Roman_Valdax (14 часов назад)
Come back old Vice
Ru Ben (17 часов назад)
I wonder If rich cannibals buy meat here? Maybe they have connects to the gangs.
himanshu gaur (17 часов назад)
Well nice to know Americans also follow cross border news
mad 22 (18 часов назад)
This dude is like Saint Paul. Road to demascus.
Jonathan Nuamah (18 часов назад)
These documentaries makes Liberia look like a slum and are still on the verge of civil war. Monrovia is a beautiful city with developing infrastructure. Just look at how they introduce us to the capital by presenting Monrovia, Liberia as a slum 4:31. Many journalists like showing only Tue negative aspects and completely ignore the good. On top of that, they are showing footage from the time of the civil war using the present tense.
Detroit Al Jerom (21 час назад)
Please subscribe and comment about my OG MESSAGE SHOW
mabood1212 (1 день назад)
We can never sell Blacks on the idea of Wakanda with videos like this. How the hell are we going to get them to ask for independence if they realize this fourth world toilet is the inevitable result?
Jalen_Plays (1 день назад)
Just Nuke the place dammit
Basketball playsHD (1 день назад)
14:53 hahaha
Mike O (1 день назад)
This video should be prescribed as an anti-depression: think your life is shit, at least you don't live in Liberia.
Leeks Effects (1 день назад)
Average IQ in Liberia is 67... this explains a lot
34L H445 (1 день назад)
Who in their right minds want to live in a world like this, we can achieve so much more by being peaceful. Lets make it a world of love, milk and honey, not hatred and savagery.
34L H445 (18 часов назад)
@Illyrian No, I don't think I will. So what are you gonna do about it, bitch?
Illyrian (1 день назад)
Shut up bitch
Slugkat (1 день назад)
holy shit … hell on earth thank you America
metrabnsf847 (13 часов назад)
This documentary was literally a far cry game
Julekha Rahman (1 день назад)
Me without weed for 3 days 2:12
Rian Fagundes (2 дня назад)
20:59"All our training that we took is under American.Strictly American" 23:05
Hairy Follicles (2 дня назад)
This video would be way more morbid if it didn’t start with someone called general butt naked
Pablo Rodriquez (2 дня назад)
Innocent Children getting eaten in Africa Rich privileged white kids: yo GAnG gang cuz I didn’t choose this gang life this life chose me
SUBLIME KUSH (2 дня назад)
This is all bullshit, all those crazy scenes were edited. This is whack
Ben Dover (3 дня назад)
Bruh 😂😂 they literally payed him out of prison
fodapraacharumnome (3 дня назад)
west point is literally hell on earth
danylaley (3 дня назад)
I wouldn't trust that guy. All traits of an intelligent psychopath. Scary.
The Helmsmen, Capitan Whitebeard. (3 дня назад)
I spoke to a Child Soldier and he told me horrible, horrible things about Liberia
The Helmsmen, Capitan Whitebeard. (3 дня назад)
This is war unleashed on an unprecedented scale.
Styng (3 дня назад)
imagine being called general pepper spray. lol
Lisa Kiraly (3 дня назад)
Me: You’ll go to bed early tonight and wake up ready for a new day YouTube: No you won’t!... cue this video Really fascinating... although at the end of the film it seems a little empty to describe the world I was just brought into. I used to work with ngo’s in the UN and the lack of effort (albeit because of resources) makes you wonder why they are even there... until you hear an ex war leader say they’ll be ready to fight when they leave...
Dysfuctional (4 дня назад)
should make general butt naked a character in video games
HitmanOneFactual (4 дня назад)
i miss the old vice
Green Brain Channel (4 дня назад)
The White guys!??? You fuckin racist!!!
Green Brain Channel (4 дня назад)
The un Does Not Gives a support??? Hahahhahahahhhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahha
Dennis Cruzz (4 дня назад)
It's 2019 now how is the Liberia, is there peace?
Sparky Tunes (1 день назад)
Resounding no
Charles Brown (4 дня назад)
"Liberian cannibal warlords": not a single soul. "A 10 year old drag queen hurts his knee": CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, BBC, AL JAZEERA.......
im Spyish (4 дня назад)
When ur brother breaks ur phone 0:47
Battering Juggernauts (4 дня назад)
Since when did Detroit get down to this
Andy Ballesteros (4 дня назад)
sketch as fuck. Bribing policemen is really unethical; corruption is one of the biggest problems facing the third world and he contributed directly to it by paying to get a warlord released from prison. this is entertainment, not journalism.
aayush khadka (5 дней назад)
There's "General Mosquito" and the general that fought "General Mosquito" was named "General Mosquito spray."
Aiden Ceppi (5 дней назад)
Is it bad that I want to be friends with butt naked?
Donald McChmohan (5 дней назад)
Civil Society Not really
岩成 (5 дней назад)
It's like they're playing PUBG but IRL.
Triosci Ank Liquit (5 дней назад)
This is a *_Fifth-world_* country.
COME WATCH ME (5 дней назад)
Yes, he DID kill people but God found the grace and mercy to come to him and forgive him. He, has since repented and God knows we are NOT perfect. He, has forgiven this man and now his life is different. He, IS NOT EXEMPT from the repercussions of the killings that he did. Because, people STILL want to kill him and he is fully aware that those consequences have come from his past life. We, DON'T know what lead him in his life to murdering people. But, whatever it was, God saw fit to forgive him and the Bible says, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" to the woman who was caught sinning red handed. But, NO ONE came forward to stone her and therefore, NO ONE can or should come forward to throw stones at him. But, be grateful to God that this mans life has been CHANGES and because of it, ALL of the children and young people who were following him now have a chance. And, a far greater example to live by IN THEIR WORLD. I support this brothers NEW EFFORTS and I believe his conversion is real and once that is the case, there IS NO GOING BACK!
COME WATCH ME (5 дней назад)
I would REALLY LOVE to be able to make contact with this brother in Christ now. I would like to aid and assist him in his Evangelism efforts. PLEASE, share his contact information for WHATSAPP or Messenger. It, would be greatly appreciated.
Tumanuvao Meaole (5 дней назад)
Man . I hope I see world peace one day before I die .
Liu Jia Zheng (2 дня назад)
I promise in 10 years time, there will be no more wars, even if it get worse this few years
DatManBrooksie HD (5 дней назад)
24:44 he did the pit sniff 😂😂😂 didn’t fool me haha he was definitely thinking of how he smells in case he gets some action ahahah
CJ Tomas (5 дней назад)
Kanye should recruit Butt naked and his boys for Sunday Service
Satan (5 дней назад)
Lmao general mosquito vs general mosquito spray
7hp (5 дней назад)
It's so sad😪😪
7hp (5 дней назад)
So much racism in this comment section
7hp (5 дней назад)
The internet and TV only show the bad side of Africa and not the good side
bongbrain07 (5 дней назад)
Fine young cannibals
jazz0 45 (5 дней назад)
This is scary to watch. Thank God for the life he chose for me.
Stoli Fleming (5 дней назад)
Hahaha! Remember Vice saying Gaahl from Gorgoroth could be the most evil man alive?
Rich Callahan (5 дней назад)
Did you say the freed slaves then went to Liberia and enslaved the locals? I have a question, when I hear Black Lives Matter, what the fuck are they talking about. Black people destroy each other.
konluci4 (5 дней назад)
Kind of ironic huh?
Doity Doity (5 дней назад)
General mosquito spray😂😂
jake fiscus (5 дней назад)
I dont get how anyone can stand Africans that much to live in Liberia
Studiepie PG3D (5 дней назад)
U r so racisiest
jake fiscus (5 дней назад)
Lol yea ww3 is not starting over Africa srry guys.
Studiepie PG3D (3 дня назад)
@jake fiscus they dont know that there is anyplace else apart from there land and still u r a racist spoilt brat
jake fiscus (3 дня назад)
@Studiepie PG3D so? That dont make it a world war. Ww1 had naval battles on the african rift valley lakes at the same time there was trenches in france just cause you havent walked far enough to see the end of the conflict zone dont mean the whole world is fighting.
Studiepie PG3D (5 дней назад)
U r so fucking racists
Studiepie PG3D (5 дней назад)
For them that is the world They dont know anywhere and anything else. Also it could start in africa I'm just saying
Zenpai mN (5 дней назад)
Who killed captain Alex 2
Adam Stone (5 дней назад)
White people are Neanderth.....
東野 (5 дней назад)
Horrible as hell.
J J (5 дней назад)
Wtf even happened to vice? Didn't know they posted shit like this back in the day. Damn
cap.choc2 yeet (5 дней назад)
Everybody is gangster until General butt naked raids you're village
Consti (5 дней назад)
you guys are some crazy motherfuckers
Tazz ThaGreat (6 дней назад)
This made me realize that everything in my life I’ve gone through doesn’t not even compare to what these people have gone and is going through...#HUMBLED it could be worse
Studiepie PG3D (5 дней назад)
And I see racistit comments syaing I cant stand african people
—TheLegend27 — (6 дней назад)
As I’m watching this I’m in a nice house on a soft comfortable bed and I’m like damm imagine if I lived there
—TheLegend27 — (6 дней назад)
When people started surrounding them and when he said”yeah you should go those aren’t my men” I was like OH SHIT YOU BETTER RUN
—TheLegend27 — (6 дней назад)
The real soldier is the camera man
—TheLegend27 — (6 дней назад)
Everybody gangsta until virtuallyVain Gets on the battlefield
—TheLegend27 — (6 дней назад)
These guys really playing the bad guy from campaign mode
Black Nubian (6 дней назад)
Wait are those dead bodies in the background
KidJV (6 дней назад)
damn got goosebumps with the rap..AIDS
Dumbug UK (6 дней назад)
21:30 weird camera glitch near the presenters hand
Dumbug UK (4 дня назад)
@Chris Jenkins thanks my dude my stoned mind had me thinking liberian cannibal war ghosts or sum shit
Chris Jenkins (4 дня назад)
Piece of debris blowing in the empty pool
vbhq12 (6 дней назад)
Lowkey Butt naked look like Dababy
Ol Dirty (6 дней назад)
Butt Naked seems like a solid dude except for, you know, the child cannibalism.
R.I.P MY SOUL (6 дней назад)
Holly shit these guys have balls to go to liberia, literally fucking steel of balls
mason freeman (6 дней назад)
You couldn't pay me any amount of cash to go there, I would go with a batallion of troops that's about it.
Aeegore3 Gor (6 дней назад)
April1989 (6 дней назад)
From watching codeine abuse in Nigeria to this wow my life is awesome..can’t fault it and I’m from Africa origins
Yanna (6 дней назад)
So sad 😢
Mekhriniso Kholmuratova (6 дней назад)
21.20 dead bodies lying, others are laughing, enjoying , hooh
John Smith (6 дней назад)
Girls bathroom: OMG jenny has such a bad haircut, did you see the new billie eilish song? Boys bathroom: 52:34
John Smith (3 дня назад)
@Authenticxted "blatant sexism" its a meme you dip. Stop looking for things to be offended over.
Authenticxted (4 дня назад)
sick, i love blatant sexism lmao
EVL- KILLER (6 дней назад)
One day my teacher got out the class and he never came back when me and 2 of my friends went to check we found him killed by another student from high school
Fresh (6 дней назад)
TorgieBride85 (6 дней назад)
Absolutely everything that boy in the red jersey was saying and doing, broke me inside... Children shouldn't be doing heroin or coke. Children shouldn't be "raping big-bellied women". Children shouldn't be worrying about how they're getting their money! What has HAPPENED to the world!?! 😡😵😲💔😢
TorgieBride85 (5 дней назад)
@Bin1 No, no. I could've worded it better. But seeing all this...filth, and famine, and just extreme poverty does actually make my stomach and heart ache. 💔
Bin1 (5 дней назад)
@TorgieBride85 I thought you meant it like the ENTIRE world is going through this. I misunderstood. Sorry.
TorgieBride85 (5 дней назад)
@Bin1 So, this sh*t doesn't happen anywhere else? Only in Liberia? As much as I'd like to believe that, I just can't. I think there's still parts of this world and odd cultures that STILL haven't been introduced to modern society.
Bin1 (5 дней назад)
What has happened to Liberia*
Angus MacD (6 дней назад)
Unbelievable. I decided to look up general "butt naked" while watching this documentary, and came across an article detailing his and other warlords crimes, and how they should be prosecuted - as well as being pretty surprised that apparently he's still alive. These journalists have no context of the situation. Yes he's a horrific criminal and under normal circumstances without a doubt should be immediately executed. But this is a part of the culture in Liberia; war, to rape, kill, and steal in order to survive. What the fuck are they gonna do, prosecute the mass amount of people who have raped and killed someone? Shit won't change a mf thing in this country. These arrogant "all-knowing" journalists from afar don't realize that at the end of the day a portion of the problem was created directly by America delivering slaves back to West Africa, which simply reinforced/restarted the cycle of slavery and violence which would plague generations. And now, the simple and fabulous solution is to get rid of someone who has come to realize his failures and aim to rehabilitate those affected by the war? This is some straight up bullshit. I used to just reside by my assumptions that many of these 3rd world countries are just "shitholes" - which Liberia could easily be described as - but that they had simply created their own issues and government disfunction. I hope more people realize that there's way more to the story. Apologies for making this the longest comment you'll ever read if you get this far, I'm gonna catch some resbite and go back to casual serial killer bingeing.
Life of Markus (6 дней назад)
Joshua blahyi is amazing. General Butt Naked was just in war times. Did anything he could to win. Thank god he converted.
Steven Armoo (7 дней назад)
40:24 This guy did a lot of messed up shid, but those words??? Touched me in all the right places!
Shooter's Friend (7 дней назад)
Well, maybe one day people will stop eating each other because it's the right thing to do, for now I guess we're too dumb and still need some fictional god to order us to stop eating each other for us to do so, oh well. and I'm saying us because if we were put in their shoes, we would act the same.
Alpha Wolfgang (7 дней назад)
big brain time over there
Andru smith (7 дней назад)
I will never complain of my place,
Shane Shane (7 дней назад)
Shane, you and your team did a great job. I love Joshua!
beelvanbuurenful (7 дней назад)
Just like resident evil 5

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