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Voodoo Killing: The Boy in the Thames (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

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Текстовые комментарии (402)
Ric Goesinya (26 дней назад)
Some Cultures are better than others!!!
Tracy Abdoolla (1 месяц назад)
I'm south African and I don't believe in muti.. So don't speak for us. You are a witch Dr. I am a Christian. It's a culture thing because you believe in ancestors and not God.
David Mayhew (1 месяц назад)
It's Tim's you idiot!! Not Tames! Jesus. Right off the bat a stupid easily corrected mistake.
Cristero Warrior (1 месяц назад)
Remember all cultures are equal! If you say otherwise you commit a hate crime
Jimmy B.S. Roastbeef (1 месяц назад)
Africa...sigh...cannibalism is normal there. Not surprising that Christian religion suits them with the idea of eating the flesh of Christ and drinking his blood.
prestonplayz playz (2 месяца назад)
So if they so powerful y African people get into slavery and so much of them lost their lives? Y they didn't do anything to save themselves and they family? All that power that use for fuckery stupid people foolish people very sick and disturbing! Omg they need jesus
Ty Smith (2 месяца назад)
Learn to speak English. The way he pronounces "Thames" is irritating and I'm not even British.
starr child (2 месяца назад)
hearing the woman at about the thirty minute mark describing how her husband murdered and mutilated her child in front of her made me cry 😢then I just had to go and hug my little girl. had someone did that to my McKenna I don't know what I would do
Thanasis Koligliatis (3 месяца назад)
This documentary is more respectful Torso in the Thames Adam's Story https://youtu.be/2Eb5Tpunj5s
Nicole Clements (4 месяца назад)
I am so glad the Atlantic Slave Trade happened. I'm glad I am not from Africa though my ancestors came from there. There is a level of wickedness there I have never know. "Muti" wow...medicine made from human beings. How sick is that. I don't care what most African American people say. "The motherland will never be my home!" I don't ever want to visit there. I'll watch the safari's on T.V.
Trill 1 (11 дней назад)
Shut up you retarded African American. You are too stupid to understand how diverse Africa is.
Duvmasta (6 месяцев назад)
47:49 does he have a lisp?
Mister Physics (6 месяцев назад)
Mister Physics (6 месяцев назад)
Cannibalism is dirty and risky, you'll get sick, capitalism forces people to sell whatever they can get their hands on, rich morons with more money than sense chowing down on baby hearts, for good luck, ask the royals of Gabon.
Patil Brothers (6 месяцев назад)
Driving late at night and somehow you feel a presence with you in the car? Chant this mantra 108 times until you feel safe “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha”. Read up here: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat
MsRazno (8 месяцев назад)
African killers- that is normal for them. It is their "culture". That is why they will never be a part of civilized world.
Mister Physics (6 месяцев назад)
They already are you racist bigot. You can't tar a whole continent for the crimes of a few snake oil sellers.
MrLetmein2011 (9 месяцев назад)
I've skipped small bits of this documentary but did they explain how a child that was murdered in Africa turned up in London?
MrLetmein2011 (9 месяцев назад)
The cops are falling over themselves to make out they are not judging this culture!! Well they should be…...
iPsych oman (1 год назад)
You won't believe in voodoo until you get sting, here in philippines there's some areas in provinces still practicing what we called "kulam"
Charbagh ****** (1 год назад)
Ignorance is an ugly beast.
The Blonde Unicorn (1 год назад)
To the people vowing never to set foot in Africa as a result of this documentary, remember one thing - there are extremists in nearly every culture and religion, all over the world. The examples shown in this documentary are extreme and not an accurate representation of the African people as a whole. Yes there are dangers (as with most other places on the planet), but Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people and you are missing out if you choose not to experience that because of one documentary. If it was good enough for Princess Diana to visit on numerous occasions, or for Prince Harry's honeymoon, it should be good enough for you. Stop being ignorant.
Piontro Pechetrini (1 год назад)
That is why Lady Di was Killed, she got sick and tired of being part of a Satanic circle that kills babies.
Mister Physics (6 месяцев назад)
satan is a christian invention
Piontro Pechetrini (1 год назад)
Everything point to very sick people, actually they are not people, they are demons.
Balenciaga Abundance (1 год назад)
This voodoo doc is BORING and dry as the witch doctor's crusty old feet... zzzzzzzz!!
blake knight (1 год назад)
OMG shocking
xoalishaxo (1 год назад)
I thought the anthropologist was talking a different language at first I was waiting for subtitles.
Jumbey Browney (1 год назад)
RicTic66 (1 год назад)
Ah multiculturalism , we must learn to live with the rituals and religions of our newcomers unless you're a racist? It's just the African version of organ donation difference being the organs of the child, eyes, sexual organs, liver, heart, kidneys, brain, arms, legs etc are removed while the child is still alive (the more the child screams the bigger the magic) and against the childs will.
Travis Michael (1 год назад)
28:31 ... Umm.
Travis Michael (1 год назад)
"traditional African systems of belief are worldly. They make people rich, or beautiful, or powerful or influential..." Umm. Have you looked around at yourselves and your piss-poor continent? I think you're doing your religion wrong...
Latisha Brown (1 год назад)
Vincent Irkalla (1 год назад)
25:28 Mr. Moseby?
A8HBU (1 год назад)
There's hasn't been an increase in the last 20 years, it's always been there. (White) People will report it and do something about because they actually know it's wrong.
A8HBU (1 год назад)
19:45 yeah......because he probably sold them the child!
A8HBU (1 год назад)
15:20 ah yes, there it is. "Colonialism" Aka: "it da white mans fault!
A8HBU (1 год назад)
Cultural enrichment?
Deborah Catterall (1 год назад)
At 14:40 I'm impressed how well that man's shirt is pressed and ironed in such a setting. So guys there is no excuse for creased shirts in this day and age.
ymimad49 (1 год назад)
but hey, we are being culturally enriched! just wait til Islam gets its so called religion going, blood will run in our streets...
Isa Muhammad (23 дня назад)
Enoch Powell, I thought you were dead. Is this the RIVERS OF BLOOD speech which you've returned to complete ?
C.Cooper (1 год назад)
sick bastards
Bryce Mcqueen (1 год назад)
Christians have murdered way,way,way more people than practitioners of voodoo. Keep innoncent children out of your bullshit. Morons
Elizabeth Cummins (1 год назад)
Damn,this is absolutely horrible... Whoever died,had a excruciating death........ unbelievable
Darlene Troise (1 год назад)
All religions are cults for weak minded people.
Madara Uchiwa (1 год назад)
And people say Christianity doesn't help humanity
MultiSirens (1 год назад)
Well it seems to me: well the Scotland Yard fellows are wishy washy! Just say it and get on with it stop with the correct wording! It’s a murder plain and simple!
Penguin DT (1 год назад)
International Occult Crime Unit is a thing? That sounds fascinating. Why the heck isn't there a franchise based on that already?
Ribbons & Bows (1 год назад)
Another thing that is going on in English hospitals, is that doctors from the wide swathes of Africa, where Female Genital Mutilation is practiced, do so, for the right price, in England!! The other country I've lived in is the U.S.A. I'd given up my career to take care of foster children. I am against BOTH genders having their bodies mutilated, our pediatrician agreed. An interesting note....because foster children have very basic medical insurance, they are discharged from hospital in the U.S. without circumcision having been carried out!! The reason given is that doctors are not paid as much so, all of a sudden, circumcision is not so imperative. This practice (above) is not religion, it's pure evil!
Jmarie Bradley (1 год назад)
Penny Morrow (1 год назад)
I'm curious....What do they believe happens to the person that they have killed spirit? Is there fear that the spirit will haunt or get revenge on them? I ask because they seem very spiritual in their beliefs. The one gentleman they showed was suffering from a anxiety disorder that was believed to be brought on by the wrongful burial of a family member. If that can bring on a anxiety disorder, wouldn't killing a innocent person cause much worse? (I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm actually hoping someone knows the answer.)
Ayda Sepehri (7 месяцев назад)
our world made of paradox, good bad, cold warm, up down ... and also positive intelligent and negative intelligent, if you connect to negative intelligent it will say to you that you can kill animals and ppl for power money and stuff like that and if you fell for it the much much worst things will happen, things who will connect you to evil satan or negative intelligent is such az crying sadness judging others pride and.... so be positive all the time try to separate negative intelligent from positive intelligent
Scott Johnstone (1 год назад)
Penny Morrow obviously the pros outweigh the cons!
JoAnna Edssay (1 год назад)
Excellent point..........i don't know the answer but I'm going to try find out
Isaac Bolo (1 год назад)
I know who murdered that kid
MusbCrazy80 (1 год назад)
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
Even Jewish Sources and Prophet John said what that star really is, Jewish sources show it was never a strong Jewish sign and had no relation to King David, but the Prophet John says that this is the star of their god Rembrant aka Moloch the evil one. But shhh do not speak oy vey Goy, they might suss us out lol
Pang Vang (1 год назад)
That is just cold blooded to be able to slit your own child or a person, drain it from its blood, chop it up all for some stupid Satanic ritual to please ancestors? Ancestors of Lucifer? Omg. Horrible
Pang Vang (1 год назад)
Black magic and voodoo isnt just some witchcraft, spiritual sacraficial ritual that is practiced in parts of Africa but it is practiced in many parts of the world by different ethnicities, race, cultures. NOT all people in Africa practice it and that goes for people from other countries around the world as well. I dont care what your religion is, your cultural beliefs and practices as long as it is NOT performed to hurt others but when it is used to hurt and kill others it is no longer what I would call “religion.” Its a Satanic ritual. Scary. But, when you are a child of God, and you walk with him, believe and trust him. You have nothing to fear. You are protected by the blood of his son, Jesus.
fatah Ali (1 год назад)
The devil told Adam you will be rich you will never going to die I think he's using the same trick after all those years
fatah Ali (1 год назад)
And them they say why africans are suffering in africa NOW YOU KNOW
fatah Ali (1 год назад)
For all the Suffering & Killing the hunger & disease all of this is happening because we do not recognize our enemy (IBLIIS)(SATAN) (Diablo) you might not believe but God has warned us not to worship Him
Saigon oi (1 год назад)
Africans are nice people there is good and bad in every group Americans we like Africans .every but the cops
red blight (1 год назад)
28:23 Taking photos of yourself with children you've just decapitated. WHAT?
Natalie Champkin (1 год назад)
Why did they demonstrate the size of the torso. We know what a 5 year old looks like. They make me cringe. idiots.
zm011070 (1 год назад)
waste of time here
SirRalph (1 год назад)
i'm a Nigerian and i have strong ties to witchcraft and voodoo, my grandfather practiced voodoo and was the most feared man in his community. he was rich and lived a very long life which he claimed it was due to Obatala(god of iron). I know you can say this has nothing to do with me but, it does! it has affected me greatly and i cant imagine how it affected my dad while he was growing up. i'm 17 and i have no religion or belief in a supreme being because of the fear of losing myself and committing atrocities in the name of religion.
nvsbl2 (1 год назад)
That's rare. It's mostly the widespread peo network there and in America
yuusuf claahi (1 год назад)
Although these are south Africans
Eric Christian (1 год назад)
It's plain to see that races are different. There is no farming going on here, no money lending.
Eric Christian (1 год назад)
Le Val no thanks.
Le Val (1 год назад)
Believe it or not some countries in Africa have beautiful modern cities. These are the rural areas that follow old barbaric traditions. Stop generalising an entire race based on a few.
Eric Christian (1 год назад)
Dion Gibbs PSFP modern society wouldn't exist if we were still trading potatoes and eggs for building materials. Lol I'm saying there are certain elements you can expect to find in an intelligent modern civilization that aren't present here.
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
The same type in the West? You know framing animals in ways that is sinful to traditional Christians, those same money lenders who charge an interest rate which, Christ in his act of violence and his Sermon on the Temple Mount said made them the children of their Father Satan. If it is interest free loans and mortgages like Libya under Gaddafi had, fair enough, All else, is just exchanging freedom for temporary financial reprieve, you will be in debt for life and so will your off spring, we can never pay off our debts until we default, re-start the currency, ban interest rates entirely from the nation, focus on the home market over World Market Investments and to back currency with national productivity, worker's hours or gold and silver like JFK did in America causing economic growth almost instantly, until he got a bullet in his head.
Eric Christian (1 год назад)
Watching this beautiful documentary my heart just cries out for the poor african Americans who have to live in America and miss out on all the wonders of African culture. Oh how it must hurt them to know they were taken away from Africa and disconnected with their ancestors and cut off from their rich cultural heritage. I'm amazed that they choose to stay in America knowing these people are living such fulfilling lives in mother Africa.
N Idan (1 год назад)
Really I don't remember this happening at C OFE
N Idan (1 год назад)
If someone enters the UK.i believed that you can trace them . It seems that anyone can't be founded
Yuna Limbu (1 год назад)
Y is the sound so small I put it om its maximum
Valerie Moyo (1 год назад)
This is very sad...but i have to say why did they act like south africa is thw whole of africa..they are other countries in africa that do this.. they should have got other countries insights on the issues too instead on focusing on on country. And why did they spend 4mins talking about the zcc church..from my knowledge zcc dont allow any voodoo magic in their churchs
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
You idiots on this thread either do not listen or do not study, stop saying things and asking things already answered in this factual documentary, they make it clear this is happening in SOUTH AFRICA, ZIMBABWE, BOTSWANA, NIGERIA, OTHER WEST AFRICAN STATES, ALGERIA, I KNOW IT IS HAPPENING IN SOMALIA TOO AND TANZANIA. Are you foolish, they are exposing the evil that is happening and how South African authorities and traditional healers helped the British Police find these West Africa sub human parasites who now should be tortured to death in front of each other and have their backward religious views mocked and smashed and destroyed in front of them and then deny them any funeral in our nation and if Africa wont take them back, we should just take them in a helicopter and throw them in the ocean for the fish to eat.
Munie Balkyz (1 год назад)
stupid man, u eat the flesh and give ur ancestors bones full of saliva! no wonder u guys kill others for wealth
Heinrich Muller (1 год назад)
i've heard that if your an albino, you gotta watch out someone don't kidnap u or hack your arm off...ppl believe the most whimsical bullshit
Kitty Reckless Alt Model (2 года назад)
It's so hard to believe they never figured out anything about this case
David Valencia (2 года назад)
RIP lil boy😔🙁💒
atlaslex (2 года назад)
Tames? Seriously? It's the effing title of the documentary. Get it right!
rich jones (2 года назад)
the tames
Isabella Langridge (2 года назад)
Why Not just dispose of the torso by burying it?????
Juliet Katakanya (2 года назад)
I don't believe in voodoo but there almost all tribes in Africa that believe and practice evil. Like where I read in Connecticut they used to sacrifice people in their communities for riches there's even a movie or documentary about it humans are sick. This birch toothless man talks thinks that he represents all Africans. God I vomited watching. That's the reason I hate intermarriages because you might end up marrying these fake people. In my country Uganda they were cutting children heads we have tribe that are believers in these things however much educated they are
Maybe Not (2 года назад)
wow, what a misleading documentary.the claim that this pratice is somehow deep rooted in Africa as a continent and inseparable from the religions brought to them by the colonials is beyond ridiculous. This tradition is found in south Africa and parts of west Africa. So to make it appear as if it's a common practice in the entire continent is misleading and ludicrous. If a tradition is practiced in some parts of north Europe, will France, Spain, Italy and every other European country that is not located in those north regions be included too?
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
oh and yes most often or not white liberals and none whites who move to the West, see all whites and Jews as one race, they claim we are racist to others (we because I am mixed ethnicity) when they speak they are among the most racist thinking all white skin people are the same, unless they embrace Islam or take a black partner, pathetic. I keep saying it like with Africa, Europe has 28 EU Nations, in each nation there is at least 3-4 different ethnic cultural groups. There is 130 or so cultures in the EU alone that are native and indigenous.
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
Also, been reported in Tanzania but with Albino kids being targeted, in Kenya and Somalia and also, in Algeria in the North. Who said it was all Africa, nobody in this documentary, women piss me off, you get something in your head and run with it, even with evidence shows you are wrong and then women end up getting angry at others for trying to tell them they are wrong and this is how it really is, that is trans-racial problem. Only people on this comment thread speaking that Africa is 1 Country is the female often black reactionaries, oh and not just South Africa in the South either, it has been recorded in Zimbabwe and Botswana too.
Andrew Wells (2 года назад)
12:50 Capitalism and globalism are not destroying Africa. Tariffs, dictatorship, central (economic) planning and corruption are destroying Africa.
MsSpleng (2 года назад)
im from Africa and i have no idea what these people are talking about. Africa has very many countries, maybe i should start looking at i.e Europe as a country too 😒
Patience Rachel (11 месяцев назад)
They always make Africa, out to be country instead of a continent
Seth Cannon (1 год назад)
Dion Gibbs PSFP Well put.
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
I never generalised Africa, my point was clear not all Africa is like this but I clarified what this documentary said Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania (over the Albino people's), South Africa and to a lesser degree in Zimbabwe but that was ended largely through Robert Mugabe using force to put an end to traditional witch doctors and shaman's and ordered they register themselves and a practice standard was established, parts of South Africa especially, under KwaZulu Natal under the King of the Zulu, Nkosi. But I wont turn a blind eye to these problems where they arise just like in Kurdish, communities, Pakistani communities and poor area's of Egypt still have terrible practices of Dishonour Killings aka Honour Killings, of backward views of women and the poor Egyptians is over illiteracy, ignorance and poverty so they marry their younger daughters off to richer older men from the Gulf States or Egypt to help with family finances since the Dowry like in Asia and Africa is still practiced. Somalia, Eritrea the worse and Nigeria and Ethiopia and small pocket of Kenya have problems with FGM. But is this an problem for all Africans yes, it is a problem all Africans endorse and a part off no, same with the Muslims. But I wont sugar coat what is really going on for the sake a PC or for the sake of not hurting feelings, sometimes we can say things with no intention to hurt people but it can happen, that is why we have free speech laws to protect us from retaliatory violence and jail or fines for unpopular speech. I love Africa, my daughter who died in 2009 was half black Zimbabwean Ndebele and South African Xhosa with Palestinian, British (Celtic and Anglo) and Prussian German. But my point is why is it okay for others to see whites asa monolithic 1 cultured people with no diversity when there is largely white homogenous areas in East and Central and South East Europe. I would like to ask if it is okay for large numbers of people from specific nations like Pakistan, India or Nigeria to have millions emigrate here over the decades and increase their cultural presence here, would it be okay if millions of Brits moved to Pakistan or Nigeria and demanded Christian culture and white liberal values be expected or would that be considered colonisation again? So I have not generalised Africa, I have pointed out facts Africans in these area's know and Governments of the area's where strong enough try to ascent their authority by regulating these industries and practices and jail those who violate the regulations. WE all heard and know the sickness that some Witch Doctors in South Africa said raping a virgin child the younger the better has the potential to cure AIDS, now that was insanity, I get some are desperate to stop HIV turning to AIDS, but lets get real anyone with half sense knows raping virgin children and in rare cases babies of months old is vile for any culture or people to do and again not all South Africans are like this, why ignore the cries of African women in this program to end these practices?? Again I mean no generalisation of all Africans or I would say all Africans and not just certain nations with these problems and I have now clarified again they are making efforts to regulate it where Government is tong and supported enough. But the practices have to go, genuine Shamanim is perfectly fine and safe and does not go over the top like Voodoo, like other West African traditional cultures who practice the most extreme forms of it for example. So all Africans are like this no chance, too many are like this absolutely.
Miki Minach (1 год назад)
@dion Gibbs you have selective hearing because they definitely generalised Africa at MANY points.
Skulls Ain't Dead (2 года назад)
Dissapointed, this wasn't about the boy in the Thames, but just about occult and African religious sacrifices, they barely even mentioned that poor child. As an Atheist, the stupidity and cruelty of humans amazes me. Killing someone to make yourself more powerful or wealthy is the worst kind of murder, pre-meditated and incredibly selfish, it's not excusable. Ugh, if only they were all non-believers, many endangered animals would return in greater numbers, far fewer wars and killings, less conflict... So frustrating.
Hobbit One (1 год назад)
Very Well said @ Skulls Ain't Dead. I totally agree
Justin Du Plessis (2 года назад)
Can't watch this due to over dramatic and pathetic voice over. Really tried.
Blah BlahBlah (2 года назад)
LeeLeeMerk (2 года назад)
Jeff Cockmann (2 года назад)
damn the occult crimes unit.. i bet they see some sick shit
Mike Cernovich (2 года назад)
This is the true melanin magik. Pappa Lion Click Click Biong Ciong raping an albino in a mud hut.
Liky Laila (2 года назад)
This is really gross omg , especially the pics and I never knew this was actually going on
matthew mann (2 года назад)
There are good, moral, neutral, impure, and evil Voodoo worshippers
B.R. Leide (2 года назад)
I don't believe in vodu, that's nonsense
Arvid R (2 года назад)
The colonialists didn't do a proper job civilising these people.
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
British, French and Dutch only cared about usurping the wealth from nations and making themselves masters and rulers, the Arabs only cared about spread of Islam and Trade. The Germans had no colonies but had protectorates and they at the end of 1919 when the German Reich was dismantled and the start of the Third Reich began to march to a sound the World now still fears the drum beats off. But these African nations to this day have the best infrastructure, the best economics that are stable, they have the best education systems in Africa and the Germans never once wanted to rule over Africans or take their wealth (to this day France still demands billions yearly from the African Maghreb, for giving them up as Colonies and this is why Gaddafi was killed and Africa's most advanced and civilised nation of Libya was destroyed. His African Gold Dinar would of banned trudging any natural, mineral or other resources from Africa without paying in gold bars for it. Call me crazy but I would rather a secular Dictator rule a nation, than a democratic Islamist or any religious rule. Only places it should exist is the Vatican City and Hijaz (Makkah and Madinah) area of Western Arabia, perhaps Utah for the Mormons but in general, we should be proud secularists.
Ayanda Mthembu (2 года назад)
I suggest you shut up.
random bitch. (2 года назад)
I live in an African community but stuff like this never happens we are all happy people when I came no one did anything mean to me even though I am Latina but I know there are still people like this in the world...😭
Liky Laila (2 года назад)
Cry Baby Candy Can that's so cool well my parents t African and most of my friends are Latinas and I taught myself fluent Spanish although this is not relevant to the video 😂
paul murray (2 года назад)
Suppression of religion, my ass. Murder is illegal everywhere on the planet. The older I get, especially when I see stiff like this, the more I'm enamored of capital punishment.
liam nn (2 года назад)
Voodoo has no effect on me, I have Jewish blood
Ah Boon (2 года назад)
Darkvine (2 года назад)
this is just an extension of poaching, but instead of rhino horn they go for human body parts with similar alleged magical properties
RampantArtist (2 года назад)
FU for not giving us the ending of the story it started with... I thought the video was mostly good, with the exception of the LACK OF ENDING. Just saying in a side comment that oh yeah 20 people were arrested... that doesn't finish the story. WHO??? What was the specific reason they killed this child? and above all else... WHO WAS THIS POOR KID???
Kitty Reckless Alt Model (2 года назад)
Obviously they never figured those things out, it's real life not a story, unfortunately that doesn't always mean an ending
Margaret Drew (2 года назад)
I remember when this happened . Poor little mite .
AM B (2 года назад)
As soon as I heard the narrator's pronunciation of "Thames," I was out. Bye!
Leelee (1 год назад)
AM B 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Michael Winemiller (2 года назад)
75% of the world has ancestor worship like south America, asia, Africa. I believe the population of india, china and Japan alone pushes this into a majority world belief.
minh do (2 года назад)
this reminds me of the Matamoros murders in mexico
newyork newyork (2 года назад)
Groomed Sweetie (22 дня назад)
Well, that and outright genocide. We are today how well Haiti has done for itself
Peloma Pepe (2 года назад)
I'm from Southern Africa, but have never heard anything like sacrificing of children... Which southern Africa are you referring to??
Dion Gibbs BPWP (1 год назад)
They make it clear are you a idiot or a troll Jo-Burg is South Africa, they made it clear they mentioned the Zulu tradition at one point and they also, said it is found in Zimbabwe, Botswana, a few Southern African nations.

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