Mexico City's Vibrant Nightlife & Gay Spot! | TOUR of Zona RosaMuerte de ramon gay

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Mexico City's Vibrant Nightlife & Gay Spot! | TOUR of Zona Rosa

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True Mexico (1 год назад)
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Jose Sanchez (1 год назад)
True Mexico zona Rosa
Daniel Salvador (3 месяца назад)
This is not a place for tourist. People there are working, living their lifestyle, the last thing they want is a foreigner stopping them or taking long to order food. They not looking to sell stuffs to tourists, rather they come there to spend on themselves. The gay lifestyle comes out at night the most and they don’t care if you’re an exotic human from another country, just as long as you speak Spanish, otherwise ADIOS AMIGO.
curtis lawson (4 месяца назад)
Damn Mexicans are butt ugly
Eliza t (4 месяца назад)
Gay zona? Que? Otro San Francisco, Ca. en Estados Unidos
Tom Smith (5 месяцев назад)
Amen mexico so beautifull place beatifull people festivala looking beautifull people make your world nice people be nice
iamtheimagedoctor (6 месяцев назад)
You never mention what the name of the pedestrian street is or the name of the metro station. Help!
Jimmy Pina (7 месяцев назад)
Jimmy Pina (7 месяцев назад)
Emmanuel Vazques (7 месяцев назад)
Subtitle spanis
Jessie Lad Alvarez Cellona (7 месяцев назад)
Thanks for the great video sir. I am planning to move in México next year. Would you give me some advice?
Frank K (9 месяцев назад)
When I lived in CDMX La Zona Rosa didn't have all the multinational fast food joints nor the beer bars. There were cafes and bars, but they were more laid back and La Zona Rosa didn't seem to be quite as hopping or busy as it is today. I remember there was a shop run by Guy Muller that sold all sorts of Onyx stuff, but apparently that closed a long time ago.
Idglã Reinhard (9 месяцев назад)
“ChelestRial” 😂😂😂
Alex Belden (11 месяцев назад)
As a mexican i never see Zona Rosa like that, is amazing, i think i need to come back. Great video.
John Marks (1 год назад)
Nice video. Looks very NYC like.
Ang gan (1 год назад)
Gringo vete a tu país
Dizan Tellez (10 месяцев назад)
No es gringo, es de Inglaterra
Charles Park (1 год назад)
I ask my cousin driving from LAX -1st time Mexico City laws besides having a Mexican policia try to give me a ticket for driving on a Mexican Tuesday. I ask por favor donde vives casa of Julio Iglesias of course? I read the Newspaper of Mexican kids passing out because of SMOG and living at 11,000 ft. above sea level? I forgot when I was there an saw my cousin get almost engaged to Norma and said David....? Your wife has to be Korean. Not Chinese or Japanese. That's the rules bro. I said to my Korean cousin David Kim... Mexico City people have many Spanish Mexican traditions and rules testing people like me wondering if I'm a joke wearing an Armani. Best drink they want me to have is... Cognac El Presidente Rules whatever Carlos Salinas had it at 3.200 pesos vs $1.00 and my cousin was paying me $10,000.00 a month if no Drugs? I said bet! Let it Ride! Viva Mexico! I saw this at Cancun college bar saying to a South Pacific Asian girl.. They ask why not her she's Asian and very $ wealthy..? Por que? I say it's because she's not North Korean Chilly Willy retarded Portuguese idiot's like Gabriel#1 and Jorge. Gabriel#2 living at Cancun only speaks Portuguese I found out the hard way =). Mexico has a weird Tennis Racket ball game.
Charles Park (1 год назад)
After I ask everyone if any Mexicans ever seen a "Coreano" in Mexico City...? I am not chino and the #1 Rule is Donde esta San Anjel and El Presidente Hotel? Only open the passenger window and prepare to have "Chicklets" and Mexican kids getting into your BMW. I ask I am Korean and I need special pork to make a special Kimchi Chigae- Sopa? Donde esta? They 1st introduce to me to their familia and wait why can't I drive on Tuesdays at Mexico City? What does my car being B.M.W. have to do with it? Is that Mexican police officer retarded? My name is "Park"? Carlos Park USA looking no Chino ? 13 North America Palmistry vs Korean #4.
Charles Park (1 год назад)
Mexican policia Federal said, no mas driving on Martes okay? Anyways.. After I gave Mexican teenager's a raise from $14.00 a day to $25.00? My amigos or amigas at Zona Rosa tried to think of something nice and the wealthiest person they know in Mexico City at near Zona Rosa or Satellite? I asked what's a periferico and who wants to meet a ,me or a Coreano for the 1st time who lives at Cancun? Why can't I bring my "Jose or a Adrian" while we travel to Cancun? Why must I take the Mexican Greyhound bus? It takes 3 days to get to Cancun by bus... and what is this a trick again you Mexicans love to make on me? I lived at Cancun for 2 months almost because of a friend. He said to me that the weather looks bad and stay as his guest for another month =)? I said Hell no Hurricane Katrina! Cozumel Island I saw something and..?
Charles Park (1 год назад)
1993-1995. I went to Zona Rosa and lived there saying my BMW runs on Magna Sin and saw Mexican kids getting paid $14.00 for working 8 hours for my Korean cousin per dia. I said to Mexican teenagers...? I am not evil or Mexican slavemaster like my North Korean cousin. I pay you $25.00 por dia and por favor...? Silencio and don't tell Norma okay? Mexican kids started nearly crying for being absent or late for working with me because of escuela.. It's da bien. =) Mucho gusto.
Charles Park (1 год назад)
My name is Charlie Park and I am Coreano. Not norte okay? My birthday my Korean cousin went to have sex at La Dragon and each girl costs $500.00 for sex for having Mexican green or blue Spanish eyes and blonde hair? I said let's go home at Zona Rosa because it was 3:00 am and 3 policia federal chasing d.u.i. please God..? My North Corea primo threw money at the Mexican Police and they all went away? He spent $5,000.00 and I said to all Zona Rosa Mexican..? I'm too drunk and bailar on top of mesa's.. okay? Mexico has rules and Laws being many songs Fly Fly Charlie!!!
Devin Peirce (1 год назад)
Looks like any other day in Los Angeles lol
SmartyPants (1 год назад)
Mexico is a dangerous toilet and I highly recommend people not go there - my friend from high school literally died at a bar in Mexico, last time I was there federales were patrolling the beach because of the infestation of the drug people it's just not worth it
SmartyPants (1 год назад)
Chalino Sánchez she died from drinking water you fucking idiot, she was a seventeen-year-old girl and we were in high school she wasn't fighting anybody so quit talking about things that you have no clue about
Attach xX (1 год назад)
“He died in a bar” no wonder he died it’s a bar bro anything can happen he was probably drunk and he tried to fight or some shit
Gangster Talk (1 год назад)
What about the hookers? Where's the best place to find the hookers?
Kevin (1 год назад)
Are there any brothels or is that not allowed in the city?
Marcos Peña (1 год назад)
All TM videos are totally spot on. Im a couple hours away and would love to have a TM QRO
Carlos Guzman (1 год назад)
Hi True Mexico, Love your blog and your videos from Mexico City, there okay, but maybe you can include more videos of the Mexican Culture, specialty from our past. Mexico City has plenty history all over the city. Thanks for sharing your videos and I can tell you you are English by your accent 👍
Kahlil Sykies (1 год назад)
It looks like there are a lot of people there who aren't gay. Is that so? I've been to Mexico City, I think La Zona Rosa is interesting. But I don't go, because I thought there were a lot of gay people there. But it appears that there are many heterosexuals there.
Juan M.G. Rentería (1 год назад)
Actually the Zona Rosa is located in the middle of the financial and business corporate area. So there are more office workers than gays. Actually the gay bars are only located in one street of Zona Rosa
Fanny Bass (1 год назад)
I feel nostalgic!
Dhar Maitri (1 год назад)
I used to live in Praga St there in Zona Rosa. A few feet away from Reforma Ave and in the corner of Citibank. That was a long time 15 years ago😊 Fun video. Gracias Paul!
True Mexico (1 год назад)
Happy you like them!
Antonio Monroy (1 год назад)
Never really thought as Zona Rosa as Mexico City's Moulin Rouge, ro Amsterdam's... red district?
Victoria Contreras (1 год назад)
i moved to Ireland 2 years ago and watching your videos really made me realise how i much i missed CDMX (except for the 2hr traffic from Toreo to Chapultepec haha). Really glad to see someone enjoy our city so much though :)
True Mexico (1 год назад)
Great to read that!
Mx global (1 год назад)
Spectacular video, greetings of México bro!! :)
GMHitsu (1 год назад)
Celestial = heavenly Chela = slang for beer Chelestial = funny way to combine both words to make you think about beer, as it's a bar
Jennie W (1 год назад)
Question, would you stay in Zona Rosa? I’m considering there with my 17 year old son or I’m looking at Roma Norte.... thoughts?
Juan M.G. Rentería (1 год назад)
Roma Norte
armando ee (1 год назад)
orale argentinos en la zona rosa se van sentir en su casa
Fernando Rosales (1 год назад)
Dude are you there in the earthquake?
Fernando Rosales (1 год назад)
My family is ok
Fernando Rosales (1 год назад)
True Mexico my family is good
True Mexico (1 год назад)
I am fine! Yes I am in Mexico City. Thanks so much for asking. I am all is okay for you and your family.
richiesd1 (1 год назад)
I'm from San Diego, California. Love cdmx. But I don't love the food (too rich).
Shawn Joseph (1 год назад)
My Spanish is horrific. I'm going to try pat Negra at some point I want to stay close to my hotel tonight I am thinking Plaza Garibaldi.... I stand out... I am kinda and tall the fact that I'm black 😉
Shawn Joseph (1 год назад)
I don't think they like foreigners
Shawn Joseph (1 год назад)
I don't usually ask for help.. But anyone that has a suggestion if would be appreciated.
Shawn Joseph (1 год назад)
Dude I'm in Mexico city right now.... What is up with the women? I truly do not understand them. Where are the ladies its Saturday night. I'm going to try Plaza Garibaldi. I'm dying here
True Mexico (1 год назад)
Try 'Pata Negra' en Condessa. Google it, you will see it. Has a bar at the bottom and above is a club, starts getting busy at around 11. That's where single friends of mine like to go. Also that area in general has lots of bars with many Mexicans who speak English (I don't know how your Spanish is).
Ophelia warbeck (1 год назад)
Son of a... a wendys!!!! i live in a different state in Mexico and we dont have wendys :(
A definitve Rant (2 года назад)
this guy is a bedwetter
EL CHEKE (2 года назад)
There is only 1 México (it's like) 👀😂😂😂
avery neal (2 года назад)
I once made a reservation to stay at a nice hotel just where you were in the Zona Rosa, at the end of June to July I didn't know about "Diversidad" or that it was gonna be that week People partied literally all day and night, Queen music playing constantly, there were thousands of people, I couldn't sleep I plead with the manager of my hotel, and they sent me to some super fancy place on the other side of Reforma It was the nicest hotel I'd ever stayed in And it was really quite P.S. If you go past the Insurgente metro, there are great art galleries back there Or maybe walk the weekend market on Avenida Álvaro Obregón, it's great!!
MAX GUERECA (2 года назад)
I enjoy your videos, thank you!
Ashley D. (2 года назад)
True México. Dont you speak Spanish? how many time are u living here in México? :)
Diana Alvarado (2 года назад)
There are a lot of nice korean restaurants too ;)
Brandon Huitzil (2 года назад)
I'm from MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Huitzil (2 года назад)
Jammy joe your racist.
Dolores Rosas (2 года назад)
Wendy's is now closed and the shops near the metro station are gone.
Dolores Rosas (2 года назад)
I live on calle Hamburgo.
Dolores Rosas (2 года назад)
I live behind Reforma 222. Reforma 222 has a movie theater on top that I go to all the time.
Chiki (2 года назад)
You did not dismiss Carona beer did you!?
Alina Alshammari (2 года назад)
thank you for showing wat mexico is really like not what the media portrays
Irving Nolasco (2 года назад)
Have you done a video on puebla mexico?
NYC Camper (2 года назад)
wow an actual phone booth
Cecilia Robledo (2 года назад)
Todos los vídeos hechos por el me encantan 📍🌹😊
Cecilia Robledo (2 года назад)
Muy bueno el video bien hecho y explica cado sabe lo que dice me gusta !!👍😘😃😀😊
True Mexico (2 года назад)
Gracias. Saludos dese CDMX!
호르헤 (2 года назад)
Thanks for going to my city. I like your videos se much
True Mexico (2 года назад)
Thanks a lot! I'm happy you are enjoying my videos.
leo ayala (2 года назад)
mexico bellesa de gente
Delma Jaquez (2 года назад)
It's so pretty
Antonius Man (2 года назад)
get back to your country men
ELIER jacques (2 года назад)
Hey good videos i wiil sure visit mexico !!!!!
True Mexico (2 года назад)
I hope you make it here!
Valeria Cruz (2 года назад)
Did you know Zona Rosa is also home to the Korean community? Some call it the "Barrio coreano de la ciudad de México " :)
True Mexico (2 года назад)
Yes and there is this Korean coffee shop (Coffine Gurunaru, a big chain in Korea) with like 4 floors and lots of Koreans!
Tosh T (2 года назад)
Zona Rosa isn't for everyone but I enjoyed my stay there. There are some good restos and bars and the streets are lively but what's very appealing is that ZR is the perfect base to easily explore many of CDMX's most popular and must see colonias and attractions. Paseo de la Reforma immediately to the north as well as Calle Rio Lerma just beyond that; Roma Norte immediately to the southeast; 20 minute walk along Av. Oaxaca to La Condesa/Hipodromo; 15-20 minutes to the entrance to Chapultepec (park) which takes you to the Castle in the heart of the park and/or across Paseo de la Reforma to the National Museum Of Anthropology. And Polanco is only a 30 minute walk. Yes, Zona Rosa is a great location indeed. 👍
Rich Forever TV (2 года назад)
I'm Gay
lilcrazychon (2 года назад)
Dude Mexico is the best
Jammy joe (2 года назад)
lilcrazychon delusional
Karyn Rekz (2 года назад)
WoW you have a lot of knowledge of Mexico's culture you are the man.
Coupon Queen (2 года назад)
Thank you for posting these videos. I just found your channel and love that you are portraying a different side of Mexico than the media negativity we see in the US and other places. I have been to Mexico many times and watching your videos reminds me of some places I have truly enjoyed and also has made me aware of new places to visit on future travels. Thanks for your good work!
True Mexico (2 года назад)
Thanks a lot! I'm happy you are enjoying my videos.
Fernando Villalobos (2 года назад)
thats wher molina trump pass by to get the usa lol.
Javier A (2 года назад)
Other things to check out in Mexico City:-Real del Monte (about 2hrs away from Mex City).South of the City (Villa Coapa and its mall, Perisur-residential area and its mall, Tlalpan, Xochimilco, Coyoacan!. El Bosque de Tlalpan).Feel like hiking? I highly encourage you to climb El Pico del Aguila  and/or El Ajusco)...Just to mention a few spots  (my two cents)
xDnTx709er (2 года назад)
go to Guanajuato city!
Jammy joe (2 года назад)
people dont wear shorts?
Jammy joe (1 год назад)
Sarban Pendeja. I traveled around the world andonly third world nation people dont wear sexy shorts. East Asians with the highest IQ even wear them.
Sarban (1 год назад)
Wearing shorts is a recent liberal thing. It's considered indecent in most countries.
Jammy joe (1 год назад)
Roger M i do wear shorts like the rest of the civilized world, darling. Kisses
Roger M (2 года назад)
Cheap blue jeans? You mean like those very popular in the U.S.? LOL! Get with the times? Goodness, get with the fashion! Quit being so sensitive. You asked a question and I answered. What bothers you? Or are you one those tacky commoners who got offended because you wear shorts?
Jammy joe (2 года назад)
Roger M they look more tacky on a hot summer day with cheap blue jeans. Get with the times.
Eduardo Alvarez (2 года назад)
True Mexico how is your Spanish? what type of work you do in Mexico?. By the way you don't have the typical British accent like "wooter" " water". finally when are you gonna show your face a cap and black sunglass can help...
Eduardo Alvarez (2 года назад)
@OscarMakeStuff LOL yes that is the typical british acccent."Wooter". Peter " Peiterr"'
Oscar J. Pacheco-Barajas (2 года назад)
Eduardo Alvarez in what universe do British people call water "wooter"? 😂😂😂
Ignacio Magana (2 года назад)
its leche for semen...get your facts right skank
italomolko (2 года назад)
Zona Rosa (pink zone) its a very gay iconic district of Mexico City. And I love it.
Lucas Cruz (8 месяцев назад)
Pink zone? Red light district. Pendejo!
GodLikeMeAgain (1 год назад)
no seas mamon
bimmerTEK (2 года назад)
I don't know about the night life as it mostly gay and I didn't enjoy it. Late afternoon when weather is great for beer and people watching.
Fabian Artist (2 года назад)
mi barrio LGBTTTI gay que quiero visitar ahi ❤
Fabian Artist (2 года назад)
mi barrio LGBTTTI gay que quiero visitar ahi ❤
Vash Rox (2 года назад)
Esas estudiantes de medicina ni para putear se quitan la bata jajaja
jona fave 8 (4 месяца назад)
I knew I was gonna find a comment related to this not disappointed 🤣🤣🤣
Eddy Salas (9 месяцев назад)
Benjamin Campa (10 месяцев назад)
M (1 год назад)
Jorge Aguilriv en español, ridículo. Criticar algo no significa que sea por envidia. Es terrible usar batas afuera por la contaminación cruzada
Franco Franco (2 года назад)
There is a man grabbing another man's dick at 5:38
Oscar De la Peña (2 года назад)
Franco Franco yeah I know. Public display of affection either gay or straight is very common in Mexico City but these two were a bit more passionate I will say.
italomolko (2 года назад)
LOL It's because its a gay zone. Zona Rosa means Pink Zone
lakat Brvo (2 года назад)
kathia Dinorah (2 года назад)
u need to visit Oaxaca ;)
Aldo C (2 года назад)
i ate at that place in tacos al pastor and they taste really good!
Paul Childs (2 года назад)
filmings a bit shaky. makes me feel sick lol
skunk (2 года назад)
Chele=Semen. Chela=Beer. Don't get confused.
4NDR3W'5 CH4NN3L (5 месяцев назад)
@Oscar J. Pacheco-Barajas se usa en Argentina
4NDR3W'5 CH4NN3L (5 месяцев назад)
@Hugo Loaiza amigo si no sabes no comentes, claro que significa eso, sobretodo en Argentina.
Diana Segura (7 месяцев назад)
Elvis Aguilriv (1 год назад)
skunk good point😂chele chele chele chele=leche(semen).😁Pero acá en México si dices "leche" te alburean. Te pueden decir "chispas"o "Zacarías." Así que mejor ❎😂Saludos.👍.
Dem Morales (1 год назад)
OscarMakeStuff Exactly. It's always been "mecos" being that it's slimy and viscous like "mocos" which is of course boogers.
ZAZA xas (2 года назад)
lol pense que decia capilla de satanismo
Friedrich Kass (2 года назад)
This city has lost many of its charm! Once it was a beautiful city with big mansion and haciendas, beautiful Spanish colonial-style buildings! Now it is full with coffe-shops, gay bars, American super-markets like 7 eleven, mc donalds, burger kings,huge endless highways, too much highrise buildings! Is like Los Angeles, only bigger with some 9 million residents! If somebody find this huge mess nice, is up to them! It is definitelly an UGLY place nowdays!
Fernando Barbosa (2 года назад)
Friedrich Kass If you wanna see those kinds of cities in México, visit Guanajuato capital and San Miguel de Allende.
Luis Mejía (2 года назад)
Friedrich Kass look like you really don't know the city, for sure you just went to reforma avenue
Friedrich Kass (2 года назад)
Mexico City is TOTALLY americanized in every respect!
Devin Peirce (1 год назад)
Friedrich Kass that's why it's not as bad
Lupe Cajero (1 год назад)
Dustin Heath You are so ignorant in history!
Lupe Cajero (1 год назад)
Dustin Heath You r totally wrong!
Lupe Cajero (1 год назад)
Friedrich Kass Not as far as referring to the United States. The French and the Spaniards came before people from the United States.
Marcos Peña (1 год назад)
Never refer to the united states as america. Mexicans are Americans. And even live in the United States of Mexico. They are super sensative to that. Obviously by the comments. You can see that. But I got the point.
cbt117 (3 года назад)
burgers and hotdogs in the streets are better than mcdonalds for sure xD
Adrian RH (3 года назад)
Thanks for sharing this!!! I'm from Mexico living in Bucharest. I move a lot do to my work and sometimes there aren't many foreigners doing this about Mexico and is hard for me to show English speaking blogs.
kendy4 (3 года назад)
Yeah , me too! I've been waiting for well shot videos of the beautiful parts of Mexico and other parts of the world, great video! @TrueMexico
True Mexico (3 года назад)
My pleasure! I love making these videos :D
car_venom (3 года назад)
Nice vide make a video of Durango mx
True Mexico (3 года назад)
Thanks amigo. I'd love to one day :)
89cfranko (3 года назад)
Make a video of guadalajara
ECA (2 года назад)
True Mexico oh yes please! Go to Guadalajara
True Mexico (3 года назад)
One day I will :)
Fco. Javier Alvarez (3 года назад)
Loved the video mate! A few years ago, there used to be a restaurant, wich I loved so much called Konditori, right where "La Chelestial" is nowdays. Konditori was a very unique restaurant. Sadly the owners sold the franchise to some non experienced people in the restaurant bussiness, and they just let it died. But still, la Zona Rosa is great to hang out, and have a couple of beers with friends! I recomend you to go to Coyoacan, there's a really great place to drink mezcal, have you ever tried it? It's really strong, but delicious! Would be nice to go there sometime! Cheers!
True Mexico (3 года назад)
That sucks, I had been there a few times, just for the cakes. I even bought a whole cake once to take away for my woman's birthday. Sucks when places you like close.
Fco. Javier Alvarez (3 года назад)
@True Mexico Yes, sadly all the other restaurants from the franchise had been closed, since the owners thought only in the incomes, but did't invest. I used to go so often there in Zona Rosa, and knew most of the waiters there: Esteban, Lucas, Adán and of course Jaime, who was the baker and creator of those delicious cakes! I miss so much hanging out there with them.
calavera68 (3 года назад)
I remember going to that restaurant during 80s and 90s, good food and big selection of Danish pastries
True Mexico (3 года назад)
+Fco. Javier Alvarez I see! I did not that restaurant and remember they had good cakes there. I've seen other ones around the city, they were sold too to the new owners?!
A man has no name (3 года назад)
PLease make a video of Monterrey
True Mexico (3 года назад)
+Jorge Leal I intend to one day!
MY World of Wonders (3 года назад)
great's been 20 yrs since I'd been to the city and the change is dramatic; especially with number of high-rise buildings. Where did all the money come from? When I was there drugs were a big problem and of course poverty and panhandling.
Elena Huerta (8 месяцев назад)
Elvis Aguilriv (1 год назад)
Vaughn Bresheare ????
ROBERT MAN (3 года назад)
in that station was a Filmation a movie with arnold
Jaxxy J (2 года назад)
True Mexico Total Recall is a great movie!
ROBERT MAN (3 года назад)
A yes!!! total recal haha!! I liked sooo much that movie!! Saludos!
True Mexico (3 года назад)
+ROBERT MEN Someone told be in the comments it was Total Recall. Epic film.
ROBERT MAN (3 года назад)
i do not remeber the name of movie but was some think about planet mars.
withsava (3 года назад)
I plan on moving back to Mexico pretty soon, this channel is clutch. Definitely learning something, thanks for making these !
Eduardo Alvarez (2 года назад)
True Mexico how is your Spanish? what type of work you do in Mexico?. By the way you don't have the typical British accent like "wooter" " water". finally when are you gonna show your face a cap and black sunglass call help...
Hilde Venegas (3 года назад)
@True Mexico I'm glad you're ok and I hope some day you can visit some other places outside DF. :D
True Mexico (3 года назад)
Ja, indeed I am! I've had a really busy time and was also away from Mexico. Though I am now back and want to focus on making lots of videos. I think this channel has really good potential to grow a lot and it seems many people find it valuable and interesting! Soooo please keep commenting and sharing as all that buzz gives me the buzz to get on the street and fllm!
Hilde Venegas (3 года назад)
@True Mexico D: you're alive!! Why haven't you uploaded any videos?
True Mexico (3 года назад)
+Pablo Vallejo Cheers Pablo and Hilde, really happy you are enoying them!
ArtFactory (3 года назад)
look all those cactus and people with ponchos and big hats in the desert
Elvis Aguilriv (1 год назад)
ArtFactory The Mexicanos with hats and Ponchos are not in ZR But in Russia.⚽🏆world cup2018😂
Oscar J. Pacheco-Barajas (2 года назад)
Robert Bravo it's called sarcasm man.
Robert Bravo (3 года назад)
+True Mexico I think the person works for Donald Trump.
True Mexico (3 года назад)
+ArtFactory Ja, liking your sarcasm ;)
eglc100 (3 года назад)
That's a $$$$ commercial area, most of Mexico's most savage ... but also much more interesting than shopping and business ...

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