Bill Burr Stand Up Comedy | You People are all the SameMuerte de ramon gay

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Bill Burr Stand Up Comedy | You People are all the Same

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Текстовые комментарии (3071)
Common Sense (1 час назад)
He is seriously a philosopher and a visionary he seriously would be the best person to help people who have midlife crisis
Anthony Manuel (8 часов назад)
Left side of his face is a nice beard, right side is just a long sideburn.
M Piper (12 часов назад)
5:38 🤭
Chuck Deadass 357 (16 часов назад)
This is my first time hearing this guy (yeahI've been living under a rock, so what, wanna fight about it!?) Funniest bit I've heard in a while. Moving on to his others.
Ulfyn (17 часов назад)
Ok who revived Jesus?
Jeremy Calnan (21 час назад)
That's what I'm saying but I can't actually say these things stupid !!!
TheFitz741 (1 день назад)
If you love Burr take this down let him make HIS money
Victoria Perkins (1 день назад)
makeing me laugh a lot
Colton85 (2 дня назад)
My favorite comedian funny AF
Suhplikeyt (2 дня назад)
How did you see that? Your ears must be better than mine...
JP Kaneshida (2 дня назад)
With Patrice's passing, now, BB is the Heavyweight Champ, and I don't see anyone taking the belt for a long time
No Bozos (3 дня назад)
"Blow out the line". LOL!!!
Sean (3 дня назад)
Funniest human alive.
David Schmidt (3 дня назад)
The "catch-ball routine" was priceless...
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four (1 день назад)
"Don't tell your Mother that I'm telling you this shit ..." I rolled! My Dad said the same thing while we played catch!
Guybrush Threepwood (3 дня назад)
ol billy red nuts
Jay Jey (4 дня назад)
This brother funny AF 🤘🏾🤘🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
allelbows97 (4 дня назад)
"you dont fuck with your face"...…...some Girls might disagree…..
A.K.A G (4 дня назад)
I've never laughed this hard @ any comedy besides Katt Williams first two shows🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 28 year old lizard 🦎
Joshua Okeke (4 дня назад)
His the best
Jeffrey Harrison (4 дня назад)
When's he going to rif on "me too?"
nunu.mp4 (5 дней назад)
"Whores don't care about lumber." LOL.
Reble 9 (5 дней назад)
Great show 🤣🤣🤣👏
Ramihrdus (5 дней назад)
Jason carper (6 дней назад)
One of my favorite comedians of all time
Chazz Henderson (7 дней назад)
If you just listen to him and think bout f is for family you can see the scenario's he talks about but as his character
Aecides 3 (7 дней назад)
Bill Burr: There's no shirt for your face Muslim Women: Hold my non-alcoholic beverage
Phore Whoresman (7 дней назад)
One million woman march.... Million nagger march. Too soon?
CaptinComments (8 дней назад)
White ppl and lotion😂😂😂
Daniel August (8 дней назад)
Sing mutha fucka!!!
Africa Matji (8 дней назад)
30:12 , dead
Unknown Soul (8 дней назад)
He’s married to a black Woman
Joseph SM (9 дней назад)
I love bill .. awesome guy real with reality
Peter Laniran (9 дней назад)
"You know" 😂😂😂
Buftravels (9 дней назад)
My hero.
Rafael Domingus (10 дней назад)
Is this guy who voices Korg in Thor Ragnarok?
Why Are You Gay? (10 дней назад)
Dear YouTube. There appears to be a mistake in the view count. It reads 5.2 million. It's supposed to be 5.2 billion. Please fix this ASAP.
Damian Pampampam (10 дней назад)
Best Arnold Schwarzenneger impression ever xD
Mattydub313 (10 дней назад)
Looks like 2.5K ppl just found out about lotion 🧴🥴
Eddy Cervantea (11 дней назад)
overated what is up with those bad facee jokes sir
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four (1 день назад)
bonkerz huntsdemons (11 дней назад)
Don't be a pussy. A strap is a strap
Paul Jenkins (11 дней назад)
The woman who interrupted him said, "answer him." She was actually talking to the audience, but Bill thought she was saying something stupid to him. And then he punished her as though she was a heckler. But it was Bill who did not understand her, what she said, and who she was actually talking to. Very sad. Other than this stupid error, Bill was amazing.
Marc Rover (11 дней назад)
Every single man, on earth, would be single if they were forced to participate in "self-gratification" only two minutes before sex. What does this tell you? That 99% of relationships and marriages are built to fail. Sex can only hold a thing together for so long.
Marc Rover (11 дней назад)
Almost every person who enjoys reality TV is mentally deficient. Run Bill.
Bas Waaijer (12 дней назад)
On youtube there's all these clips of his split up, but seeing him keep this level of funnyness up for an entire hour... he's a level of genious thats for sure.
Kurt Sumthinorother (12 дней назад)
Bill is a Fahkin Genius. Nice.
Arturo Vandelay (12 дней назад)
“When did they stop making those angels?” Hahahaha 😂😂😂🙏
Lemon Tree (12 дней назад)
I used to think bill burr loved his family....bill burr your kid is half black.....she has to live with you...stop acting half racist
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four (1 день назад)
You're an ass.
Voj Nov (13 дней назад)
It is pretty much listening to Frank Murphy from Burr´s show F is for Family :D
Mister Physics (13 дней назад)
His content is old, boring, heard it all before, it's for wrinkly cocksuckers.
Mister Physics (13 дней назад)
Another Ozzy tryna pass themselves off as USian.
Cutemeister (13 дней назад)
24:00 I relate to spacing out when people are talking to me and using a bullshit response like “ that’s crazy” when they ask a question I totally didn’t hear
My name is Mud (15 дней назад)
I love Bill but I feel such an internal relief and peace when he lowers his voice
SCOTT MCGREGOR (15 дней назад)
I watched this with an open mind as I am not American. I wanted dislike the act but I actually liked it, but then I woke up and realised that Eddie Murphy done a funnier act decades ago.
honest Abe (15 дней назад)
Sad Thing people should know... I'll never get to see Bill Burr perform live. Very sad.
micha McV. (15 дней назад)
´´Nivea´´ one of the biggest german brands , but sure white means american xD
Sh3ikha (16 дней назад)
His bit about hitting women, I have this conversation ALL THE TIME! If a woman hits you, fuckin hit that bitch back! No one should hit anyone but yes there are men and women both equally that DESERVE it! lol
Zalán Mokos (16 дней назад)
I love this man
Ire Erick (16 дней назад)
"Ladies and gentlemen. Bill Burr!". Yep, the triggering has begun.
Asbestos Fish (16 дней назад)
He has _Hair!_
tadah (16 дней назад)
Man this is still a classic Patrice would be proud!!!!
Dplik (16 дней назад)
I didnt like this special at first, Bill looks like he had a few too many cups of coffee, but it caught me in the right mood. Brilliant content and showmanship. It's like he's part entertainer, part therapy session and we are all the psychiatrists.
david corsak (17 дней назад)
I feel whole again, temporarily
Bryan Stover (18 дней назад)
Donna Shinall (18 дней назад)
You gotta keep the bullets in the safe, the stock in the garage. "And then what, run around and assemble it while some dude's chasing me with an ax." HILARIOUS.
Ryan (18 дней назад)
Catriona (18 дней назад)
Only just found this gentleman, pure pleasure
Jordan De Knikker (18 дней назад)
"There's no shirt for your face!" *ABSOLUTELY* *H* *A* *R* *A* *M*
Cristian Montano (19 дней назад)
2.4k lizards
Yae But Nae (19 дней назад)
You sound like the dad from f is for family
Cam Rhys (19 дней назад)
That black chick he went out with was probably Nia
Sublime Music Channel (20 дней назад)
I love the moment when the white guy in the entourage is explaining about registering one's handgun while scratching his itchy, ashy ass. Nothing short of an epiphany! Go, Bill, Go!
Brian Ganger (21 день назад)
drsupremo88 (21 день назад)
His accent really helps , it just fukn sells the jokes,
steve davis (21 день назад)
He's already a legend if you know comedy. His relationship with the late great Patrice Oneal is how i stumbled across his comedy and the two of them had the absolute most honest material and thats why their craft seemed so effortless but is always hilarious. More comedians should take note because this is comedy. No bias #justfacts
Robert Walker (21 день назад)
Anger and Zen combined. Awesome!
solid snake (21 день назад)
i love the dad storie i have two kids and i am this guy hehe
solid snake (21 день назад)
i cant mostly do anything without losing my shit and i do it for living
Ňāţívĕż118 (22 дня назад)
KJ HX (22 дня назад)
Nia supposedly blew him backstage before this show, which is why his delivery is so on point. He briefly talked about it on his podcast.
Bananer! (14 дней назад)
Oh shit. You know which episode?
slash 3443 (22 дня назад)
Aaron P (23 дня назад)
Funny af. Killed it
Rnj j (23 дня назад)
This is the most informative standup ever. I don’t think even Bill realizes how smart he is.
jacob kanal (23 дня назад)
Bill Burr at his finest🥇 10:45 🇩🇰
alschbachb (23 дня назад)
Bill burr is a genius
Almis Peter Salcius (23 дня назад)
guns fine. assault rifles not so much.
A. Rose (24 дня назад)
Bill Burr is phenomenal
cnniz fakenewz (24 дня назад)
Gotta be the funniest cat ever.
Gordon Stark (24 дня назад)
One of my favorite comedians able to make you laugh from start to finish dude is a legend.
happyfearless (24 дня назад)
"That's how you know you met the one. When you want to slap the shit out of her but you don't " lol
rascalferret (25 дней назад)
The first time the original female was abused, was the end of our agape maternal species. after the historical destruction of that mother, over and over, in so many ways. and now with the owned media ffs... we now have trained cunts. trained by you and your materialism and money. -who would still try so hard to be the natural female they should be. she would have a higher sense of righteous. but instead she must be crafty, cunning, maneuvering and self interested. always vulnerable to the swingin dick or his pointed stick. and the violates exploits he conjures. by necessity, she's a bitch. she will leave her babies to work away from them, she will concern herself with vanity to please your covet. her breast are tits, and her birth is a twat. you have done so much more to her, because you are despot. You are bereft... nobody will know the extent of your inversion until the mother is irrecoverable and Love has no value... oh wait/
Smantha 32 (25 дней назад)
No it's MEN that didn't get the memo on lotion. All women know. :)
Hugh Jones (26 дней назад)
12:45 It puts the lotion on its dick???
Christian Dianne Oro (26 дней назад)
This is totally random but bill burr looks like van gogh here 😅
Christian Dianne Oro (3 дня назад)
Obsessor23 hahahahaha yes he does!
Josip (3 дня назад)
LMAO i knew scrolling down would be worth, always a couple of gems on Bill's videos
Obsessor23 (10 дней назад)
You're right. He's just got too many ears
Ahmad Diop (23 дня назад)
oh shit, he actually does
Team Jay (26 дней назад)
Who is watching in July 2019
Franklin Brea (23 дня назад)
Bill burr = white version of Dave Chappell
Jack Smack (28 дней назад)
the audience was either NYC or LA
Jason Rosenberger (28 дней назад)
He is loud, angry, miserable, offensive, sarcastic, has no respect for people feelings and i love it
magnetothewhite (4 часа назад)
@Keynesian Economics 😕 O...Kay?
Martha Licea (1 день назад)
@Guybrush Threepwood You wouldnt say that to bills face pussy.
Keynesian Economics (2 дня назад)
@magnetothewhite I enjoyed the video. I was responding to a moron who believes that if you listen to your wife, apparently you want to watch her getting fucked by other men. Nothing political about it.
Em0 Rabbit (2 дня назад)
Yeah because politics and comedy never go together
magnetothewhite (3 дня назад)
@Keynesian Economics It's a comedy video. How about you leave the politics aside and enjoy the show. Can you do that?
Natasha Thompson (28 дней назад)
I have watched this so many times now!!! Can't get enough of this great man.
youtuber youtuber (29 дней назад)
Bill Burr is so freaking funny ! But the truth is women all over the world get physically abused, sexually abused, mentally abused by men ALL OVER THE WORLD , The US is the only country where woman are somewhat respected

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