Mumbai Gay Pride Parade 2015 | VlogMuerte de ramon gay

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Mumbai Gay Pride Parade 2015 | Vlog

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Текстовые комментарии (32)
Ayanna Smith (2 года назад)
GOD LOVE US ALL I'm Bisexual and i love GOD and GOD LOVE me and you and US ALL love is love not a Sid
Is mayonnaise an instrument? (2 года назад)
Ayanna Smith both ? mmm I'm a kid that's why I don't know about this :)
Ayanna Smith (2 года назад)
Gum I like girls and boys
Is mayonnaise an instrument? (2 года назад)
Ayanna Smith what is bisexual?
Aarti (2 года назад)
wow.. awesome video :-)
Afzal Sk (2 года назад)
shyam bhanushali (3 года назад)
SINGFOR THEMOMENT (3 года назад)
Lol What the hell I totally didn't know we have so many gays in India...Get a life
Equalist Aastha (3 года назад)
Lol What the hell stop being a homophobe, get a life
Runj Obhan (3 года назад)
nice video , I loved it
Dr. Ali (3 года назад)
now wait for the Azab of Allah, you know what happend to Koum LOOT they were doing this kind of sin. then what happend to them check the Quran.
Shazz (2 года назад)
So you believe that a random book written by some crazy ass people is gonna teach me what is right and what is wrong, loving is wrong but marrying a 6 year old is right and then RAPING her when she is 9 is right yeah but loving each other is totally wrong
abhy (3 года назад)
+Bijnor Shaikh You can give me the quran, i will wipe my ass with it.
Farhan Merza (3 года назад)
now where are Indian extremists ?
Chandhan D (3 года назад)
love you aastha... it's very good that you've been supporting all.. superwoman videos had made me peep into your videos and boom I've subscribed you right away... make more videos... ciao !!!
Chandhan D (2 года назад)
@Dave Jagdish Whatever! LGBT doesn't only mean Gay.
Dave Jagdish (2 года назад)
Chandan Dyavarishetty ..GAY
MD Salman (3 года назад)
any gay what,s up me 77 38 531196
Satbeer Singh (2 года назад)
Najeem Khan hi.. najeem
SAMREEN (3 года назад)
Watching everyone laugh and dance made me so happy! This is what life is about, love and joy!!
Afzal Sk (2 года назад)
ryt madam
amit patil (3 года назад)
Love is not gender specific....We should not treat as Taboo.......
Sheryl Knightley (4 года назад)
go for prides i would love to join you guys but unfortunately couldn't join as i didn't know the place plus u guys r awesome fi8 for equality i want rather all third sexuals wan't equality :D
yatin srivastava (4 года назад)
wonderful video,love the eye makeup, n next tym plz dont be afraid,no onez gonna bite u :)
yatin srivastava (4 года назад)
afraid of homophobes??  well nyc save, haha :)
Torontopia (4 года назад)
That's wonderful to see. GO INDIA! Show your pride.  Hugs from Canada.
Nikhil Nayak (4 года назад)
I am so proud of every individual I saw in this video :-). 
Kunal Koli (4 года назад)
AAAHAHAHAHA, we wish we could be there for this parade too! Your eye makeup was ON POINT! Looks like you had a lot of fun. #humeingubbarechahiye . We've subscribed to you because you're a friend of Taksh AND we like what you do here.
Till Fandomcome (4 года назад)
love (4 года назад)
you are too cute dear sister...
rock and roll (4 года назад)
Thanks you so much. Its really nice. 
vrushankh raghatate (4 года назад)
Hey thank you so much for covering pride, so happy it is finally reaching people. The eyeshadow is indeed beautiful.... just that there was another couple who really got married, and not us.... it was a big day for them (congratulations to them) we apparently celebrated our love and wished to do it legally whenever (hoping soon) is the right time...

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