Say No to Section 377 - Gay Pride March 2016, MumbaiMuerte de ramon gay

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Say No to Section 377 - Gay Pride March 2016, Mumbai

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Текстовые комментарии (12)
Really Cool Dude (3 года назад)
I met a young gay Indian at this rally called Yasser. He let me bareback him.
Phương Tran (3 года назад)
God love everyone. It just that he doesn't want gay to happen.
Srishtie Dixit (3 года назад)
Lol so I'm happy you've finally taken a stand and a good stand. N thanks for the free lesson :)
65rowan (3 года назад)
You have no idea what God is God is love he shine his light in everyone and that is why we shine and radiate light from our bodies his spirit is in us all. Otherwise no one would be here on earth. You are the problem here, you're spreading hate. He who judges shall be judged the most by the highest. Who made you judge and jury of people and how they live. Where does it say anywhere God doesn't want gay people happy. You haven't a clue what God is until you get there if you ever do.
Phương Tran (3 года назад)
+Srishtie Dixit no...maybe
Srishtie Dixit (3 года назад)
+Phương Tran awww.... did God come n tell you that?
Mohd Ali (3 года назад)
To fir ab Kaom E Loot ki bijli ki kadak ke azab ka intizar karo... Kyoki Kaom E Loot bhi isi gunah me muttila thi or fri unka anzam bhi dekhlo kia hua Allah ne unhe nest o nabood kar diya. Sabse jayada azab uhni per aya tha kyoki wo Gay ban gaye the.
Diamond Prince (2 года назад)
hahaha kya hai ye nmune. kahan se aate hai... mohd ali haaye allah kaisa sa hai tu 😝😝😝😝😝
Srishtie Dixit (3 года назад)
+Mohd Ali LOL... YOu're funny.. why are you convincing people against it btw? ask yourself sometime... have they harmed you? if u're really worried about right n wrong... take a stand against rape/ uneducation/poverty/corruption/etc.
Ojas Sharma (3 года назад)
+Mohd Ali because you think homosexuality is a sin, and there is strict punishment for being homosexual in that country. I know being gay is something too weird, but people are not gay by their own choice., that is something which is inborn. Punishing someone for being gay is same as punishing someone for being left handed.
Mohd Ali (3 года назад)
Why should i go there? I love my country India.

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