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Текстовые комментарии (20)
Enock NTAMBARA (28 дней назад)
Mr Steven Mugisha God bless u dear bro
Mukisa Henry (4 месяца назад)
But uganda uhmmmmmmm
Rudasingwa Peter (11 месяцев назад)
apart from umurage ,ubumwe,, rwandair boeing 737-800 nizindi zitwa ngwiki mukinyarwanda
Flight Scanner Nigeria (1 год назад)
Good looking plane!
Steven Mugisha (2 года назад)
But what does people want for President Kagame to do for them to appriciate. Mr. president i believe in you and please continue leading the country coz to be honest am behind you. Once again thanks
snapsorfly (2 года назад)
when does KT go English or French?
Nkeshimana Emmanuel (2 года назад)
They don't know yet those languages( no news repoters)
Aviatorspot (2 года назад)
Good catch of the A330-300
Andrew Anane (2 года назад)
Amazing! Airbus is the best.
theogene niyonzima (2 года назад)
Congratulationssssssssssssss to Rwandair Ngaho ubumwe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then Umurage.............. we are proud of traveling in our own investment projects than spending our funds to other investments Rwanda oyeeeeeeeeeeee
Wade Higgins (2 года назад)
Proud to be an Airbus fan
Andrew Anane (2 года назад)
Lexus Cohen me too 😊
•Anonymous王子 (1 год назад)
kudos to all a Rwandan and a future #Aeronautical-engineer seeing this happen fills me with incredible joy and guess what, maybe #"Rwanda air R330-900" will be made in RWANDA by RWANDANS.
•Anonymous王子 😂😂😂
SAFARI JEAN DE DIEU (2 года назад)
#Kigali Today,thanks for you video in youtube..tubashije kobona ibyiza u Rwanda rurusha kugezaho..Thanks Kigali today,keep foward..good job
Byiringiro Jeanbosco (2 года назад)
grow up my country
Nshut s mbabazi (2 года назад)
wow am proud to be a Rwandan
Olufemi Dawodu (1 год назад)
Nshut s mbabazi , am happy for Rwanda and am proud to be Africa
kevin mucyo (2 года назад)
proud of home
Rene Roux (2 года назад)
wow so proud to be rwandan

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