Evangelicals Desperately Spreading Anti-Gay Message Around The WorldMuerte de ramon gay

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Evangelicals Desperately Spreading Anti-Gay Message Around The World

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Текстовые комментарии (873)
Blind Princess (1 год назад)
I am so glad I'm a liberal wiccan who supports the lgbtq people.
jt raspado paulino (1 год назад)
We Filipino, Discribe Duterte? Brave, independent with big heart to our People. Before most innocent people killed on the street snatching, rape, murderd . Now our country back into save place. I dont feel scared worry walking day or at night in our street, it is save and full of barangay police patrol less crime, less worry. More filipino people Agree. Mabuhay ka ating Pagulong Duterte we love you. DUTERTE Best President in the Philippines
adam perkins (1 год назад)
This seems like this would backfire in the end if these countries outlaw LGBT then these people become political refugees and what county do you think those political refugees will come too, oh I don't know maybe a country that has laws protecting them
Bryan Bridges (1 год назад)
Did anybody catch the name of the one guy Cenk was talking about? The one who went to the Soviet Union?
Kotifilosofi (1 год назад)
It used to confuse me why our local evangelists travel abroad to preach. And not even Europe, but all the way to other continents. It felt weird since the majority of people here in Finland aren't religious or believers (theists) either... I've come to conclusion that people here are too educated for them, their mind can't be turned so easily. Whereas in some countries you can make people believers simply by giving them food and telling there's something better coming.
Tom Palmer (2 года назад)
A lot of these conservative Christian men don't hesitate to force unwanted homosexual advances on me.
golden taco (2 года назад)
Well, to be technical one of the early top Nazis was a homosexual: Ernest Rohm. Just for the sake of complete transparency....
golden taco (2 года назад)
I don't support violence and I'm not a bible thumper. But I hate how they imply and straight up say on this channel, that mere oppostion/and or not agreeing with gay marriage is bigoted and hateful in and of itself. We used to be able to have differing opinions in this nation until the "tolerant" left became the fascist left. Well, you certainly aren't going to dictate peoples pronoun use. Remember freedom of speech.
PlzDeleteMe 2000 (2 года назад)
lgbt is WRONG And sinful!!
David Perry (2 года назад)
Religion can be used as a tool of hope and love or a weapon of fear and hate. Evangelical extremists, Isis, Isil, KKK, and Hamas use religion as a weapon of hate. The Conservative and Reform Jewish movements, Metropolitan church, United Church of Christ, American Baptist Association, and Progressive Islam used religion as a tool of love.
Rosanna Miller (2 года назад)
I am anti sin! Period. So TYT is anti righteousness. SO WHAT!?! I am not wishing death on lgbt. The bottom line is we all die. Period. LGBT people have wished death on me. And!?! TYT has issues!
Louis Belanger (2 года назад)
Better that than beheading them like in saudi arabia
Jack McLane (2 года назад)
Louis Belanger Not really, they just said they are trying to get people to be executed in Uganda.
tod beard (3 года назад)
I wouldn't expect anything less from these evangelical dickheads. The bible condones killing gays. By the way, it also condones killing disobedient children, adulterers and people who work on the Sabbath. It condones child sacrifice(Jephthah's daughter), forcing a woman to marry her rapist and slavery.
amber (3 года назад)
This made me so sad. Whenever you think we're doing better, I hear something like this.
Suggie Thames (3 года назад)
So many christians,so few lions RIP Cecil
j v (4 года назад)
I don't feel comfortable with gays going into the bathroom with me in there. I don't care if they get married but why in the bathroom? What about my feelings on the subject? Why can't gov't build 3 types of bathrooms since we're classifying gays as another sexual gender? Straight women, straight men, and the bathrooms for trans and gays? Separatism. Women are already feeling the highs of sexual harassment and some value their opinions as  "being raped just by looking." I don't feel safe around any male walking in there and using the law to justify ANY action. I don't agree on that part. We will have much more of an epidemic of harassment on both levels men or women alike. I don't want to start a fire here. I want a solution for all sides.
bordy217 (4 года назад)
Why did Anna dress like one of the chicks in the Robert Palmer videos?
PaddySnuffles (4 года назад)
Pink was considered a manly colour and blue a girly colour until Hitler made gay men wear pink triangles on their death camp prison outfits.
Pul5ar (4 года назад)
Visited the Soviet Union in 2006/7?! The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.
ERIC PLEASANT (4 года назад)
These evangelicals obssession with sex, money and abortion sickens me when there are bigger problems facing humanity.
Perry Holloman (4 года назад)
Cenk it is "former Soviet Union".... not "The Soviet Union". Just saying. (1.21)
Maximilian van Vliet (4 года назад)
Revoke his passport
Dee Cook (4 года назад)
American Evangelicals...Earth's only true garbage!!
Angelo Massaro (4 года назад)
I clicked this video because i thought it said evangelion LOL
D Valentine Bernabé (4 года назад)
Also these people go to countries where education isn't that accessible to the people there. and you get these people to spread their ignorant nonsense. If people push for real education people will realize that what they're doing is wrong. In Uganda they allow for lesbian woman to be raped and for gay men to be killed and in their views it is right, Wtf!?
SIXITHS (4 года назад)
Aren't you Americans satisfied with fucking up your own nation? Why do you think you have to drag down other nations to your level...
ixlnxs (4 года назад)
1:20 The Soviet Union? In 2006? Cenk, your age is showing. Maybe you can explain me that weird link between the cassette tape and the penicil?
Fernando Trebien (4 года назад)
Oppressing minorities is about drawing innocent people into sects (in this case, churches) to make money. This is very obvious in neopentecostal evangelical churches here in Brazil: all their leaders have connections in North America and take pride in it publicly, drawing even more people into their churches (exacerbated by Brazilians' mongrel complex).
Inebriatd (4 года назад)
Fuckin' Christ. Leave people alone! Can't people use their energy for other purposes than proactively hating?
rextrek (4 года назад)
Spreading the Hate message of this voodoo gawds love
Lee Bailey (4 года назад)
In 80 gays. Well if you're into dudes and you've got the stamina for it then OK I guess. Yes I know I'm scraping with barrel.
James Hendin (4 года назад)
It amazes me that no one is concerned that these so-called evangelicals do not have the Gospel as part of their agenda. It's completely left out of the picture. Even Satan can appear as an angel of light.
Dragoon TV (4 года назад)
WOW what a thumbnail TYT?
Highlandenterprises (4 года назад)
So, everyone who disagrees with gay marriage is involved in hate speech, and bigotry?  No, since gays could already get married before this decision, why do liberal leftist want to keep voters from voting on this issue?  This decision did not allow gays to marry, they could already marry.  This decision tells the states they must recognize those marriages.  The constitution does not even mention marriage, therefore as per the 10th amendment that issue is left up to the states.  Chef Justice John Roberts dissent on gay marriage - "It is not about whether, in my judgment, the institution of marriage should be changed to include same-sex couples," he said. "It is instead about whether, in our democratic republic, that decision should rest with the people acting through their elected representatives, or with five lawyers who happen to hold commissions authorizing them to resolve legal disputes under the law."
Accent Tué (4 года назад)
*A kid in Africa couold've eaten those Evangelicals*
zorglub667 (4 года назад)
overseas, as in, among others, europa? hahahaha. good luck with that :-)
Jane Tilmann (4 года назад)
This idea that homosexuals don't want to reproduce is strange to me. I'm a lesbian and I really want a family. It's my dream and my partners dream. These lunatics could not be more wrong about people in the LGBTQ community. It's sad to me because we are good and decent people who want the same things as everyone else in the world: to be loved and cared for, have a great career, start a family, and live a beautiful life. I don't see anything wrong with that at all.
Zukiswa Matthews (4 года назад)
South Africa legalized gay marriage in 2006 so Evangelical idiots can just hit a U-turn and stay away from us. We'd like to keep the few things we got right.
Tom Mulrenin (4 года назад)
Scott Lively is an awful person. I won't say that about your rank and file evangelical Christian. Most of them are just too fucking stupid and credulous to understand that what they're doing is evil. What was the religion of the people who fought a war that killed almost a million people to keep slavery legal? Oh yeah, Christians. The people who lynched blacks by the thousands after the Civil war, Christians. The people who fought to keep Jim Crow laws alive, Christians. What was the religion of the "Dixiecrats" who fought to keep segregation legal so they could continue legally discriminating against black people? Christians. Every single member of the K.K.K.? Christian. They can't wait do do the same thing to Gay people. It's what they do. The good news is these bigoted assholes have lost every single fight because morality always wins in the end. They'll lose this fight too.
A Santi (4 года назад)
Let's get something Straight here people, it's good to make Religion Part of your Life but DONT make it your Life. And I'm not even religious but yet that makes more sense to me Dam just another reasons for me to disagree with religion, all you fucking RADICALS have a huge problem. You're not speaking in the name of your faith, you're speaking in the name of your own agenda. I don't even think satanic people believe in half the shit these people do. How is this individual any different then ISIS. They kill gay people and this guy is roaming the globe to pass a legislation to have gays killed. What the fuck is the difference. All you radicals make every religion on this planet wrong,
Sharon Mynes (4 года назад)
I'm sure that God is somewhere with his/her head in his/her hands weeping.
Tkj Clovis (4 года назад)
First What's an evangelical and does it have anything to do with evangelion? And if not then I really don't care
cjms08 (4 года назад)
why do evangelicals love to kill people and torture people
Laura Lee (4 года назад)
Very interesting, I wanted to put at the end when Ana mentioned riling up an entire population against a particular group - just like during the holocaust.
Ethan Anderson (4 года назад)
christians are more generous to other christians, then nonreligious people are generous to anyone. if we had a more inclusive religion, it could unite everyone.
Jaffa T (4 года назад)
Omg what is it with these people? It's as if they are not happy unless they hate some people! So glad I live in the UK. But I think governments of Progressive countries should stop sending aid to these countries which kill or imprison gays! This world has some really sick people! And it's always the Religious nuts!
Ethan Anderson (4 года назад)
soviet union in 2007? lol
Sadness is Good (4 года назад)
These Christians are so disgusting
Reaga (4 года назад)
Oh look, the third world is still held by religious stupidity. If they can't see that the advancement of America has come with the decrease in religious power over the years, no wonder they can't see past bullshit like this.
Tiny Swan (4 года назад)
They have been doing that for years. Not only are the extreme (evangelical) christians bigots, they want to remove the religious freedoms of EVERYONE other than themselves, so they can maintain the total CONTROL, treating all others as their SLAVES.
Francisco Daniel (4 года назад)
Whats really funny to me is that the only 2 persons that i know that are evangelicals are also Gay
Krister Andersson (4 года назад)
So stupid christians are travelling abroad to spread their messages, how does that work since the christians barely speak English never mind Another language?
jaguar4u2012 (4 года назад)
so basicaly evangelicals are murderers! perhaps they are the ones who are dangerous to society!
Truttle Bear (4 года назад)
Wait a minute. If he's advocating for gays to be killed, then isn't that indirectly involved in murder? Shouldn't he be tried and sentenced?
sheri226 (4 года назад)
Lively needs a bullet to the head.
Roger Kreil (4 года назад)
When a species gets too intelligent, this is what happens.  But if they can get a little bit more intelligent, then it gets better!  :D
MD America (4 года назад)
Scott Lively = Closet Homosexual of the Decade
Rin Power (4 года назад)
I am not a christian or an anti-gay campaigner in any way but I do feel under the attack of LGBT organisations. I tried to watch Euro Vision, for instance, and in the end there were more LGBT flags and people of the same sex kissing each other than good songs. I've traveled Europe a lot and never saw so many gay people which makes me think that there is an aggressive thick-headed campaign of imposing gay mentality on straight people. I REALLY BEGAN TO THINK SO
Mi at (4 года назад)
The World is waking up!  What do you mean I can't say man or woman?  What do you mean I cant tell obvious man he is a man just because he puts on wig?
Cum Bucket (4 года назад)
Does anyone really believe that Evangelicals have that kind of influence over Africa?  What about the Africans that actually pass these laws?
mowgli. (4 года назад)
at 0:00 those lips tho
Louise Forrest (4 года назад)
They must be connected to the death of some people they should be arrested!! If that group went to hear him, then actually killed an activist after, then why hasn't any authorities stepped in because there is a difference between those stupid people that spread hate speech, and those that know how to push peoples buttons with hate speech..and it should be stopped if it results in that!!
Stephanie Shoup (4 года назад)
I want LGBTQ to wake up and realize that a passive response to these evangelicals will allow them to spead their hate! We have to take them on forcefully! None of this you hate me but I love you anyway. They want to kill us!
mistaseeforce (4 года назад)
Religious Terrorism
GodCreatesGays2 (4 года назад)
There is a direct correlation between ignorance and mental illness, and both "religious" fanaticism and homophobia. In short, religious zealots are crazy. Homophobes are crazy, and "religious" hoomophobes are douby insane and toxic.
Two Cents * (4 года назад)
Christians are instructed to mind their own business. What the world does is their business. We in the church do our own thing. I could care less if the whole world legalizes gay marriage or if everybody is gay. You are free and you can do whatever you want.
UNLebanon (4 года назад)
No offense, TYT, but this is old news.  Since California allowed gay marriage, the largest anti-gay evangelical groups gave up on the USA and have since shifted their funding to east Europe and former soviet republics.  How ironic that the pro-American right-wingers are donating money to anti-gay groups that use that money solely to fund movements in foreign countries.
Scarlet Morbidity (4 года назад)
Yeah, cause even more third world countries to start killing people for "immoral" sex practices, way to go. Fuck evangelicals, ignorant cunts.
Rebecca Campbell (4 года назад)
Go to Chile, the future theocratic state in America, with your backward retarded ideas Evangelicals… you will be welcome there by their dictator Bachellet.
Rebecca Campbell (4 года назад)
@Francisco Daniels ironically her regime is anything BUT socialist, as it is quite extreme right instead. It's crazy, how could the Chilean people vote for her? Chileans are famous for being an intelligent educated people, not dumb like Mexicans/Americans/Canadians…
Francisco Daniel (4 года назад)
@Ruben Campbell but you know I wouldn't say that she'll become a dictator because the reality is that she's nothing but a puppet and her political party (the socialists) are the puppeteers, and they are completely corrupted and unable to help people at all. Bachelet's approval is at the lowest any president has ever had in the history of Chile and everyday there are more protests for all the problems that Chile has, it's just a matter of time until they're forced to resign and hopefully then we'll have a good government, but for now we have to hold on how it is
Rebecca Campbell (4 года назад)
@Francisco Daniels you are right: I am wrong I exaggerated, but after seeing the changes in policy and laws being done under her regime I could only extrapolate fears about the future. I can't say anything from a higher ground as my own elected president is a joke… in fact nobody around the world except Uruguayans could. One can only hope for the best, but believe me things will go worse before going better… same for my country, the U.S. And also for Chile.
Francisco Daniel (4 года назад)
@Ruben Campbell Im chilean and this actually true, except for the part of dictator Bachelet, she was elected democraticaly, a very very bad choice if you ask me and 80% of the population of Chile. Sadly evangelic groups are quite big here but most of them are mocked by almost everyone for their stupid actions, and also hated because the idiots go out singing about god in the streets every sunday morning!
Anton K (4 года назад)
"This son of a bitch went to the Soviet Union in 2006 - 2007". Hold on a minute....the Soviet Union hasn't been a thing since 1991. I'm sorry Cenk, but you gotta brush up on your history, man. If you wanna play journalist, do it right.
Christophe Keating (4 года назад)
01:19 Wow Cenk! I didn't know the Soviet Union still existed in 2006!
Humanoid Male (4 года назад)
American evangelists were also tinkering with Ireland's recent marriage equality (gay marriage) referendum. Luckily, unlike other parts of the world, the Irish dislike external interference, especially anyone with a religious agenda. (This is another reason why Irish people intensely dislike American politicians, particularly but not only Republicans, talking about religion/faith etc.)
Anna Yu (4 года назад)
So. When America finally progresses, the few places in the world are going to regress? Geez, thanks God and your herd of violently loyal sheep, that hate love, life, and happiness. Now this is becoming a violently global issue.
FireFly Dani (4 года назад)
"Thou shall not kill." - Did i miss something and they added "except for gay peoples"?
FireFly Dani (4 года назад)
@Peter De Lille Oh, I know Leviticus thanks to Anti-Gay groups. And I really think that doesn't count. If there is a God and he is omnipotent, omnipresent and whatsoever, he would have added it on the stone tablets right away: "Thou shall not kill! Except for a) gay people b) adulterers c) your enemies d) everyone who wants to steal your candy e) my only son f) children who are not behaving well g) and so on" I'm agnostic myself even when I'm baptized catholic and with going through all procedures. I'm still in the church but barely bc of faith but more of..."I don't really care. And there is worse out there than to be member of Roman-Catholic in Bavaria." Maybe I baptize my kids when i have some, maybe not. If they wanna marry in a church later they would have to go to so much shit if I excommunicate. And if they are not Roman-Catholic they can't attend the religion class and have to go into afternoon class "Ethic" instead of being able to leave at noon.
Thomas Baron (4 года назад)
yes, kill people because God's love! seems legit -_-
Jared Leonard (4 года назад)
Ganjatom420 (4 года назад)
Adam XYZ (4 года назад)
I don't like gay marriage, in fact i find it sinful and a spit in god's face, but don't kill just cause their gay, that's wrong as well, and he's gonna go to with hell with those gays, and us Christians who still follow god's teachings and advice are gonna go up to heaven and not have to deal with the sins of society.
ArcticSlicer (4 года назад)
These guys support lynch mobs like typical moralists.
flexbrat (4 года назад)
coldflame (4 года назад)
Oh puh-leezzz, I'm gay & I have 2 fundy XXX-ian siblings who ummmm, somebody that's not XXX-ian stop me, because yes, they actually believe the almighty-in-their-hed is talking directly to them, & in their hed, they 'know' everybody else not like them is 'actively sinning'. So how does 'tolerance' apply to me after decades of invalidations?.... We have become aware that their narrow ideas are no match for our far superior inclusive ideas.
OrangeAlex77 (4 года назад)
How is this any different from the Nazis? Blaming one group of people for you're problems and wanting to murder them?
OMG BeCkY (4 года назад)
God Loves Uganda on Netflix.  Watch it.
EasySnake (4 года назад)
according to this video non americans are childish and easily influenced by american pastors. I doubt american pastors are this influential or foreigners are this childish
kharnak crux (4 года назад)
shit's about to get real dawg.  Pastor Doctor martin Semmpa! EAT DA POOPOO dubstep mix
jokehim himjoke (4 года назад)
The strange thing about the Evangelicals is money they work on people giving them money as in the dark ages with Devils demons witches 666 which is not the real number of the devil to the older satanists, and even worse about Evangelicals they believe ion the fake stuffs and are scared. Now how old is their religion well not very just like Scientology all pathetic and what Bible what Christian words do they know? Now to equate the Holocaust to Gays oops now who else was there doing the killing oh no one just Nazis. Who did Nazis kill according real life history oh the Jewish Gays Christians That were mainly Polish Russian and British. Name a religion that was part of that war? Well Jewish Christian Muslim Hindi many others too but Evangelicals?
Sasha Pants (4 года назад)
To be fair, homosexuality is rather... titillating. I think most people are naturally some form of bisexual. Gotta say though, it's wrong for people to spread hate but it's also on the people not to listen. There's always a choice.
devourerofbabies (4 года назад)
Evangelical Christianity is a hate group.
Dare - wait for it - Devil (4 года назад)
When will people stop using religion to create hate and violence, isn't religion supposed to be about finding faith in a higher power and find it in our heart to love and accept? And all that cheesy stuff? Guess not. What a bunch of fucked up bigots.
Wanderer (4 года назад)
And the youth shall cleanse the aged stupidity and ignorance. Mugabe will be dead soon, very soon, and the rest will follow, sooner than expected, we hope. (Pardon the language.)
João Viegas (4 года назад)
went to the soviet union in 2006, 2007... wait What?!
Masticina Akicta (4 года назад)
We know evangelicals do that..because they are loving.  Just feel the christian Love
Brent Mac Donald (4 года назад)
These people are not Christians. Christ preached about turning the other cheek, forgiving others, giving to the poor, equality of all under God, to never judge others, and above all to love one another. True christianity has always been trampled by hateful bigots and power hungry monsters twisting it to serve their own horrific ends.
Geoff Ozzy (4 года назад)
They are advocating murder of perfectly normal people, so glad I'm Atheist
Salt & Pepper (4 года назад)
How many more years before Ana under goea plastic surgery? You can already see the early signs.
CLIFF CARSON (4 года назад)
Fundamentalists have distorted the teachings of Christ.  As old as the day is long,  some of the most dangerous people in the world are those men and women who secretly have repressed homosexual feelings themselves mixed with a distorted self image.  Cowardice by nature and in ways their not aware of,  these individuals are so conflicted and filled with fear that the only way they can deal with gay feelings is to attack and destroy the thing that triggers them.
Malcolm Swoboda (4 года назад)
@Clifford Carson Its not hard to distort the teachings of Christ given that they were said on the backs of Old Testament tribalist religion and that most of the stuff written about him was collected a century+ after his death. Its amazing that there's any sort of teachings surviving, but that's what the Church was for. When something is so vague and contradictory in what it specifically wants (in the real world in how we do things with each other - not in how we put faith in a person and god), there's going to be various interpretations, as well as incompatibilities as time goes on and culture changes. Messiah/Prophet theology also tends to place one's personal wants as the same as their Messiah/Prophet (though thankfully that's often not as bad as it being the same as their God - a source of much conflict between many smaller cults).
Ian Warner (4 года назад)
This is why the UK has a very long American section of its terrorist watch list.
Cristian Garcia (4 года назад)
1:20 Soviet Union? Did Cenk go crazy there?
Johnny Nunya (4 года назад)
I think being gay is disgusting, biologically if everyone was gay humanity would die out. At the end of the day though that's a pointless and meaningless argument. Not everyone will all of a sudden be gay because they can be married. I have my own personal feelings towards being gay but no way would i go up to a gay couple and tell them they can't be together. We got enough of the government telling us what we can do with our own bodies, let's not give them more control.
Johnny Nunya (4 года назад)
@Shield & Arrow I know several gay people and have seen firsthand what gays think about other sex, some said they find the vagina disgusting. You speaking of your personal experience is fine and i don't refute that but that doesn't mean other gay people think the way you do. Why are you being insulting toward me? I said nothing rude to you and you start acting like a petty child saying i am your puppet and dancing for you. We were having an adult mature discussion, well at least i was, you seem to have turned into a 12 year old in the middle of it. Did you even ask where i was getting my info from, nope, did you think when i said that first comment it had to do with only you and your perspective? It was a broad statement that spoke from my own experience and what i have seen a few gay people say, i didn't mean every last gay person thinks that way, sad i had to spell it out for you but you seem very childish.
Dare - wait for it - Devil (4 года назад)
@Johnathan Morris I'm gay and I never think about straight sex. Why? Are you - a straight man - gonne tell me that I'm wrong? Cause it looks like I'm in a better position to judge than you are. Unless you have some confession to make :) Your ignorance is so entertaining. Please keep dancing for me little puppet. Dance.
Johnny Nunya (4 года назад)
@Shield & Arrow You think gay people don't think about straight sex? Ok then, you believe what you want.
Malcolm Swoboda (4 года назад)
@Johnathan Morris The arguments about civil marriage between the same sex have been mostly hyperbolic and often outright stupid. What LGB wanted was the ability to have a fully recognized civil marriage contract. Anti-gays, often say of the religious sort, backlash against that IMO because a civil marriage recognition will inevitably mean that the religions are also backwards on the matter, and they lose followers and faithful, instead of being like more liberal churches/religions and just carrying on. Similar backlashes happened with interracial marriage and interreligious and interdenominational marriage, and way back, even divorce. Hardcore conservatives are less afraid of gays (though they often are) than they are of their ultimate irrelevancy (ego issue, conserving what they have regarded as truth despite evidence and continued experiences). Disgust at homosexual relations can be perfectly fine - its your feeling and your reaction and it shouldn't be dismissed - but the people who actively rail against anything gay, even just the civil marriage contract rights, have more issues than just a disgust or distaste. They have something of themselves to protect, defend, and lash out about. It should be no surprise by now at many of the most rabid anti-gay speakers being found out to be bisexual/homosexual/have gay relatives they have hard feelings with/have a gay ex-wife or husband with a scorned history/etc. They're quite literally not in the right mind - not saying outright insane, but not thinking rationally about matters that aren't that complicated (harmless consensual sexual and romantic relations).
Dare - wait for it - Devil (4 года назад)
@Johnathan Morris Why would straight sex be gross to gay people? I don't think they think about it, why would you even think about gay people having sex? Weird man.
BodyGuardOfLies1 (4 года назад)
Anna it's pronounced Uganda not Ugunda that's gan not gun.

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