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Let's pray with Alph LUKAU Ep01
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Memories: Johanna Vernaud (Pastor Alph Lukau’s spiritual mother)
My Spiritual Mother Mama Johanna Vernaud (91). I give God all the glory and all the honour for your precious life. I will carry the mantle of the Gospel that you and my Father Jaques André Vernaud passed on to me. I will always LOVE you Maman Chérie. Love Your Son Alph Lukau
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July IVP with Pastor Alph LUKAU “Raising Up An Altar”
Breaking News: AMI International Visitors' Program (5-7 July 2019) Join Pastor Alph Lukau for the great Double For Your Trouble IVP. God has a purpose for you in this IVP. Whatever the devil stole from your health, your finances, your family, from your marriage or your womb IS COMING BACK. God will give you double for your trouble. So shall it be!
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Let's Pray With ALPH LUKAU Ep03
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Sr Vanessa's relationship
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Her husband left her for her friend
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Wicked Friend SABOTAGES Blessing through WITCHCRAFT - Accurate Prophecy Alph LUKAU
Lillian was unfortunate to have such a friend. Pastor Alph Lukau prophesied that he could hear a buzzing sound and that she had suffered an attack by the enemy. The person she called "friend" turned out to be the cause of her strife.
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A Suicidal Woman is Rescued Through The Power Of The Prophetic with Pastor Alph Lukau
A woman came to Alleluia Ministries with the intention to kill herself after the service... But GOD had other plans for her
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